Friday, 26 September 2008

First Training for KK trip, Bukit Tabur 水晶山

Last week i had date my friend and the kaki who will follow me go to KK trip on 28 october . Foo, 随风而行(She say her blog no ppl read, so delete jor), Irene(My KK mate, 1st time meet her only) and her friend.

We meet up at BRJ at 7am , and i having my nasi lemak before the mission start :D. The place is just near by Taman Melawati.
wahhhhh...nice view hor???? This is only the half way from the top. Climb until here my leg already shaking....脚镇镇。。leg zhang zhang....really long time no do stamina.
Some journey the trip, you may need to climb the rock and continue walking. This hill is full of rock. Serious. Lucky my leg long, people use 1 step, i use 2 step :D
Yea..that is not lake, it call Empangan Klang Gates .. the place who provide water in KL area. So make sure no pee on the water please :D

Nice leerr....but my camera not nice.
The sight at the top is marvellous!!! Remember bring your camera when you get there. ( And bring a liter of water)
ahhh climbing rock again...but is fun la.. quite challenging, some part you need to becareful on your body balance, else you will "look"(fall) down from the hill.
I saw my family member...hehe....

Along the journey , there is 2 part that you need a rope(is ready there) to support you . Look challenging and excited. haha.. i like adventure so much.The place i taking this photo, is from opposite hill, you will get me if you saw next photo..
dang dang dang dang...........the caves is something up and down, up and down , up and down...ths is killing me....dont forget to take a rest and drink when you reach the top of the hill. I think the place i taking this photo, is the highest place.
water water water.........
After that, we when for most famous yong tau fu~~~~ Hong Hong.
But that 随风而行 felllow go to order dont 40 piece of fried yong tau fu and 30 piece of yong tau fu.... 5 person how to finish !!!!!!!!!
Next mission going to accomplish.. is the other hill. I dont know differentiate is east or west. But hear foo say that the other entry is more tough than that day where we climb....

That day we spent around 3 hour for the whole journey, maybe is too slow. They say there is a "cave dog" 山狗, which climb up and down from the hill, if you lucky, then you can see it.

how to get there ? refer to

Just update the photo during my MAMA MIA movie preview.


johntim said...

Seem very exciting wor... when want to bring me go jek? hahaha

Roxanne said...

leh shaking ar?
go see doctor la~
but u got six leg rite?
should be veli safe one.
anyway,wat is cave dog?

Siu KeOnG said...

To JT:wait u lao sai finish 1st...

To: roxanne...ya leg shaking, nx time bring u go har...but u sleep so cannot wake up..

cave dog =the dog always go up and go down at the hill....爬山狗, i will upload her pic in nx post :D

Roxanne said...

wat lar~
i can wake up early 1 if i sleep early
where u bring me?