Thursday, 11 September 2008

IB Team buildling at Hulu Langat, Sungai Gabai

Cause of the project based, our team member seldom have chance meet up together and going for any trip, some member was based at Qing Dao, thailand , indonesia or Hainan ( like me), so our boss plan to have a blue moon trip at 6th September 2008 , Saturday.

All member stay near at PJ are command to meet up 7.30 at the Centrepoint , PJ. But got 3 mao lei (猫狸)was late. 2 member because busy goreng mee hoon for us ( but ok la, your mee hoon is acceptabled), other one sleep late =.= , what the ...... You can see from the photo, our organizer Johntim is busy calling ppl
We meet up other member at Taman Connaught for dim sum session.
Dim sum Dim sum, our bill RM199... honestly the dim sum so so only.
Yeahh....finally we arrived at Sungai Gabai after our 1 hour trip. Let have a group photo together, our team is growing bigger and biggest. But still less female...aiiii
Photo taken by Yan Choong, D40X !
Before reach the waterfall you need to walk a 5 level staircase, and me is the most stupid, walk until half way, just realized i leave my knife at car, have to climb down again and walk up.. leg also shake。
It is very exciting place to rest and relax. On the same road to sungai chongkak in hulu langat district, is the refreshing site of the sungai gabai waterfalls. Several falls cascade down over 100 metres, culminating in a broad, photogenic plunge into a series of small pools suitable for swimming.
Thanks for the organizer Mr JohnTim Chia for bring us to this wonder place.

ahhhhhhhhhhh.. we swing down from waterfall.....
Have fun together, just like student last time :D long time dont have such feeling...
We all big bullies !!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahhhh...chow kong ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You can romantic with your lover at the waterfall. See so lovely~~~~~~~
After finish those kid activities, we starting our picnic ~
Shark loan busy add "thing" to our drink~whiskey.hahahaha..
Leng lui LittleNotebook using nikon D40, so pro la....
Stanley, why you look at eric's sexy leg or "JJ"? Too obvious la you......
Why you all so excited surround together..??? hahaha actually eric bite by leech ... :D
Some people say i look gay, some people say i look fierce, what you think???? hahahhaa

thanks again for the organzier and all the member to make our 1st blue moon trip successful... i waiting blue moon 2 ...cheers, is happy to work with you guys.


Johnt|M said...

Yeah... we all are Big kids... playing non stop and eating non stop...

Thanks for the participation and make the event so success =)

iCalvyn said...

the place is really nice, if i am there, sure snap a lot picture

Siu KeOnG said...

hi icalvyn, thanks for visit, yup, the place is nice~ but i think penang not bad too la..ahahaha

johnTim, so when our 2nd blue moon...?hehehe

Wong said...

U look gay...