Tuesday, 7 July 2009

My accommodation in Nigeria, Abuja

Time show the accommodation that i stay at Abuja, Nigeria

Few thing to know
1. Hotel will cut off electric for 1 hour for few time on weekend or maybe everyday ( because i working on weekdays so i dont know)
2. During sleep time, they also will cut the electric few time, but will switch on back after 10-15 minutes
3. Breakfast everyday is the same, 2 type of cakes, 1 type of blank breads, vegetable, fried mee, tea, coffee, soya bean and porridge.
4. Have internet access but slow, usually i use a USB broadband modem to online.
5. In front of the hotel had few building flat...
6. The time different malaysia and Nigeria is 7 hour, that mean 4.30am Nigeria= 11.30am Malaysia

This is the place where i spend my weekend..... Boring ? Maybe, depend how you overcome it :)


Johntim said...

Look okie for me neh =)

Lucky you bring alot of G movies there else u died fast =)

Samuel said...

Not much difference from my room :P. Just that I do not have TV, attached bathroom, cushion in my room and my room is smaller :P. Well, it's only a place for you to rest, so it should be ok :).

chewcs said...

You send your shirt to laundry ? Because I can't see the washing machine in your room..

chewcs said...

The hotel you stayed is called 阿布贾金门饭店? Some where near to Mombassa Street?

John Mah said...

Still ok la, at least it got 3 Stars lo. Better then nothing.

Siu KeOnG said...

Johntim: ur G movie not am me, i delete all jor, u so bad taste :P

Samuel: ya lor...mai hiam beh pai

CheeSeong: I wash myself,my hotel call golden gate hotel, but inside no gold...

Johnmah: Ya better than nothing la..aiii

Johntim said...

brother... you think I do review 1ah hahaha... i just simply copy hahaha =)

By the way... like tat also want so choosy ah :p


I mean G(gigabytes) movies is those movies u that u bring there (HK drama, movies etc)

Kuntong said...

no bad ma...maybe u will like tat place soon. XD

大头猫 said...


Siu KeOnG said...

Johntim: i start like u so much, u wait me back ok !!!

Kuntong: i like malaysia more !

big head miao: .....u see only, nx week i will post the outside world

Catherine Chiu said...

the place seems nice~~~
again~take care

Siu KeOnG said...

haha catherine....thanks u really go to create a blog ar? see u at HK ya