Friday, 12 June 2009

Last day in office

Finally i got mood and time to write this blog. Had been working in 553 days in my ex company. I would say that i enjoy working with my colleagues, maybe all is youngster and very playful. And the most memorable is we working in hainan, had been stay together about 5 months.

Friendship is build up slowly, of course my best buddy in my office who had been sleep with me for 3 months. Everyone thought we are gay, but we not la...if you are girls, you try to lay down, you see me gay or no!!! haha

Just that we both have same interest, same problem and same taught on something, but of course there is some difference, he "rich" than me.

Reverse back what had happen on the 553 days ...

March - July 2008, we enjoy ourself while working, we watched olympic 2008 and having our KFC ~hahahaha...too many sweet memory in Hainan, sleep with a snore roomates, but i already use to do it..
May 2008 In Hainan
April 2008 in Hainan
Beijing's Olympic 2008 08 08 8.08pm

Bachelor night, hang out for drinks !
Annual dinner ! Pay by sunny, thanks boss :P
Every 1st time, we hang out from office and looking for good food !

Unforgetful 2 week onsite at thailand, many great experience with you guys, clubbing, shopping, hang out :) Thanks a lots, i will miss the green tea coffee and "mang muang" ( Mango in thai)
Thailand - Bangkok
3 days detox in office =.=||||

Sekinchan Trip
Taman Pertanian ( upload soon )

Really thanks alots and appreciate you guys, i am not a very important or main character in office, but i really do feel the cheerful and enjoyful while working with you guys as a team. Feel happy when we together in office :P

I guess other team members hate us a lots, because the rude words, and the funny voice or laugh always came out from our side :)
I leave nothing, but i leave memories...Miss you guysYoyo~ kuai dio kui , kuai dio kui...
Hip pop man~ check it check it
Bye Chee Seong, i know you will feel lonely, because u cannot peep my screen anymore, la la
BurBye Boss...
Bye ah lian...cannot poke u anymore... :P
Miss you guys.....chiao....You guys is the best !

na na na na hey, na na na na hey
hey hey hey
na na na na hey, na na na na hey,
hey hey hey

Dont kill me ~i really want to say good bye :)


Johntim said...

There are really lot of memories in this 553 days... I am sure that Hainan trip was the most memory time. Work oversea and see what their cultural is...

Nothing can last forever, what we can do just appreciate the moments when we still able too.

Take care and good luck in your new job =)

Anonymous said...

u gang reli cool...u must reli enjoy in past 1 n half year..KEEP d sweet memory in ur HEART lah :)

Siu KeOnG said...

thanks johntim, really great to have friend like u and others :)

Ehh..can i know who is Anonymous ? Thanks for the comment too :P hehe

Kuntong said...

hmmm...opening a photo shop ah?
can i work for u?

Siu KeOnG said...

kuntong...ya..opening chicken rice shop...u wan to shoot chicken?:P