Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Coffee Time Restaurant , starting busy already...

Yesterday just back malaysia, today start to work... feeling tired today. Don't know why, when work not go smooth always make me headache.... headache make me tired, tired make me sleepy.

Think this few day i will less post, some post i already pending for few week. Maybe next time will post some funny thing i saw at Hainan.

I like coffee very much, but me not addict to coffee. I just like something hot , smell good and the taste of bitter. Maybe last time drink too much of coffee during my college study week for exam.
And last time when i at KL coffee, got a malay kakak will make coffee to us, at 10.30 am and 3.30 pm.

Hainan is quite famous with coffee. I got buy a pack of coffee and drink at hotel. Their coffee is different with nescafe. Is you put too much water, i t will become tasteless

Coffee Time Restaurant 咖啡时间 is near by the 海秀路, the coffee here is not bad. Quite various of choice. Price also expensive, approximately RM10. Worth or no? At hainan i think is worth. At malaysia, i will prefer coffee bean :D
Actually today i just eat this Portugal steam chicken rice again. Really don't know what to eat. Looking for chicken meat but less choice. Looking for spicy food, but their food not spicy one.

Most funny is when you order spicy food, the waitress will warm you that tell you that the food is spicy... @@ , really sao pei...Totally no feel...i so wish i got nasi lemak 辣死你妈 and put into their mouth.

Start to busy... the answer for the last post, i got mention what is
PYT stand for? 当当当。。
PYT --- Pei Yan Ti?....... have to jaga my imagine. I wont wish to pollute my holy blog :D

Time to work...gogogogo.....

Monday, 21 April 2008

Going back hometown tomorrow 23/4

Finally i can back to malaysia tomorrow and fly back to hainan at 28/4. Miss malaysia? Yup, feeling that i had been isolate from malaysia long time ago. Not sure is there any changes in my living area. About 1 month that i not driving, dont know i still can drive or no. hehe. I go back must eat nasi lemak, maggie goreng, bak kut teh, roti canai...++++

My feeling of working oversea?
hmm.. dont know how to say. If next time meet up my friends, will we dont have any topic to talk? Because i don't know what happen in malaysia.. and friends status. And working at oversea feeling like hard to know new friends. The network circle become small and smaller. Maybe only can go thru friendster or facebook to know new friend ( but i wont la :D, i still prefer keep in touch with old friends :D ). If want to find gf, also dont know how to find. I think i should be single foverer :D

What i become at Hainan?
Sometime still remain slient..quite moody when got thing to do. Althought eating or walking, my mind also don't know fly to where jor. Many thing to think. Somemore nowday i got short term memory, forget my hotel room number, forget the previous song that i listen :(

Of course when i stay oversea, can avoid some matters. Can more concentrate on my works and got time to do my own works. Am i escape from problem? Maybe.. just feeling is too tired to handle problem. I just like to decide my direction and walk on my way. I dont like my life be control or decide by someone.

My project wil starting tomorrow, about 1 month to delivery. Just hate myself as a slow learner. A lots thing need to catch up. Maybe this is the time to let learn to arrange my time and planning well. No matters what happen, i just dont feel to disappointed anyone. Hate the feeling on losing confidence on myself. Hopeful everything go smooth. I dont like to repeat same mistake in my life

Phew.... finally able to run my project, time to bed. Tonite my roomate not snoring. Dont know what wrong with him. Maybe sick jor. Stay with him about 23 days. And this is the first time he not snore :D
Good nite everyone.... 2.52 am ,22/4/2008

p/s: Today johntim just told us a joke. He say malaysia got a jeweller shop call PYT, not convinence to put the information here. Later i give people sue me.
So gentlemen any idea PYT stand for ? :P, this question not suitable answer by ladies. I will announce answer on this friday :D

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Quite busy on works and personal matters. So i don't have time to update my blog.
From the previous post, i mention that we go to supper at 永和. It is a 24 hour franchise shop.If we walk from our hotel, it takes about 15 minutes.

The street is clean during 8pm. But after 12am, you can see there are a lots of rubbish at the street. Quite disgusting and unmorality.
Here is it. 永和豆浆油条. Quite thankful for my dear colleagues. I had request few time to bring me go to try,finally i got the chance. Because need to walk so far and pity their stomach. Supper make they become fat :D

I order 黑豆浆加蛋 about RM3. The soya is tasteless, you may need to add sugar by yourself.
This is the way we eat. Actually the 油条 is quite long. The staff cut and divide into 2 piece. Not bad, taste good :D, 油条 is around RM2 or RM3
Siu long bao that we order. Because we order separate. And i don't my boss got order too. So we totally eat 20 siu long bao. Not bad,juicy, but the skin is thick abit, so a bit hard BOCOR :D
How Hainan people enjoy their food? This is the example. Johntim had slowly become a hainan boy :D. http://www.yonghe.com.cn/永和

Will be busy on next week. Development works had started. Really wish i can handle it well. This time must put all my effort and learn as much as i can. Need to find back the confident i had lost last time. Add oil guys. Zonzamas you too !

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Company Badminton Match+Dinner McDonald

Yup, yesterday 12/4, we have join our client badminton match for fun. Actually everday sunday, i will join them for badminton activity. If not, i will become a fat pig here. Well, not really enjoy of the match :( i play on normal double match, 5-2, 5-0 , not more than 10 minute already finish a game. Even i not start sweating yet :( , Prize? A small dairy book :D Other type of game is , double mix.

If you zoom into my 2nd photo, you can see the male and female is holding a roles rope. And rules, male cannot smash :D.
I think i have to bring along my basketball sport shoes too. Since they also invite me play basketball on friday night. Guess i should move everything to hainan for long term staying. After the game, go hotel take bath , take cab go to carefour and have dinner :D Since i not mistake, we all also order this set meal. which is same as i took when i at guang zhou airport, cannot control, this burger really nice :D Pay RMB6, you can get an member card. In Hainan, every place you had food, they should will give you a discount/Member Card, or voucher. Maybe this is one of the way to get business :D

After finish dinner, we accompany JohnTim go to buy some Olympia souvenir. Then we walk back to hotel :D and waiting for supper , because the Mcdonald really not make us full enough. Where we go for supper? 24 hour 豆浆油条 in Hainan :D call 永和. Will post on next blog

I always mention my colleagues, but i not mention their name. I think i should mention as
a respect.hehe. Else feel like strangers :D

Dang Dang Dang, Team members i had at HNA,totally had 6 ra
re piggie now(include me) .

1st, the person sleep with me everyday, Roommate la, Don't think of dirty thing. JohnTim, a humour guy like to talk lots, lucky got him, else we sure boring until die.
2nd, our manager, Sunny, humour and funny guy. When he talk, you laugh non-stop. He is superman, why? Because his job make him nonstop fly at the air
other senior, ah chai, who very geng on badminton and polite :D, former Astro Talent Quest contester
, Stanley, other friendly team member and incharge order dish for us :D Mr Tour guide
5th, Only girl at our team, Lilian, a lenglui who sit beside me at office. Pity her,because always need to listen those dirty word speak from our mouth. Former contester represent Malaysia for sport match.

Is nice to be here :D
Thanks very much for the concern and help.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Dinner with CIient at 小蓝鲸

小蓝鲸, Last wednesday, our client held a farewell dinner for my manager.
They book a personal room and inside you can sing k too. You just need to pay other 20% of your total bill.

They totally order 15 dish !!!!! and 2 red wine!!!!!!!

15 dish, really eat "until you cannot recognize your mom". Somehow i don't know what they order too :D Our clients are friendly , they will keep propose a toast to you. Because we are quite distance away between the big table. Usually we use to touch each other glass, so how?
We use our glass and knock on the table glass spin.

I think i drink too much that day + tired of working. When i back to hotel, i straight away fall into my bed and sleep ( i sleeping in position like chinese word 大 ) sleep from 10pm until 8am..
This is the first time i sleep so long hour at hainan :D

Roomate say i sleep like pig :( got ppl come in, knock door, alarm ring and i also don't know :(

Place we lunch, 正点 (Very Nice)

Honestly, we dont have much choice of having our lunch.

First Place, Very nice 正点, just a 5 minute walk from our office. When my first time went to 正点, it give me a very high class and comfortable environment, just like a place for couple for have a romantic dinner :D

Nice environment, got a pretty jiejie ( I think got 30+, not nice to call her aunty .hehe)
But everyday she seem playing the same song :(
But is update song la.... Not Teresa Teng's , at least got jay one :D

I order a set of taiwan chicken leg rice , sky juice is free, include soup, I think is around RM11 only. Not very nice, not enough full for me :D

Today i think i sot already....I go to make a wrong order. Suppose there are some steak around RMB28 (RM14). I go to order a RMB45(Rm23) steak. I think saturday and sunday i need to eat maggie mee at hotel :D

This is what i order ,a set of Perlin Pork Steak + a free wine + soup + juice+ bread+ salad. But the wine not really nice.
But i think is worth, first time of my life eat a pork which is so soft and crispy.

Somehow, in malaysia i cannot found this price too. The pork meat is really soft to eat... I think no next time, because it really make me poor :D

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Tomorrow is a holiday for china, guess what holiday? Day for cheng ming (清明节), so friday, saturday and sunday is my holiday. Guess i will be go some place and walk around. Maybe will visit to Sanya next week.

Last week i do a visit to  博爱路, i tell you, the place is really dangerous, motor, bicycle and car is more than people walking at the street. Of course, the place is quite dirty.

  早在明朝洪武28年,海口筑城。南门至北门的 城内交通要道,称城内大街。1924年,海口拆墙建路,使之自南向北通抵水巷口,为纪念孙中山倡导的“博爱”精神,将城内大街改为博爱路。以连接东、西门 的新民路为界,从新民路至长堤路为博爱北路,从新民中至海秀东路三角池为博爱南路,1966年,改名为东方红路,1981年恢复为博爱路。

More information:
琼崖史志』 [寻宝游记][海南老街系列]之博爱路

What we saw before enter to 博爱路, dog meat :D , my favour !!! Dont be crazy, who ask me eat those thing i will kill the person on the spot :D , so what dog you can choose?

Pomeranian? dalma?Golden Retriever? All just RM10 only. You can pick and they will kill them on the spot. Okla, just kidding la, those puppy is not for eat, is for sales, price not sure :D , but is at other street call 东门市场.

Left Photo is East Street, and the Right is West Street. We not walking inside, because is too smelly and dirty :D

龙华花奔广场 this place sell a lots of flower, i think is the place for flower distributors. Of course, those flower is fake one. But the price is quite cheap..

解放西路,is other street that full of shop and stalls. Some place like petaling street but better than that. Colleagues bring us go to some tart. The milk tart nice !

Friendship bridge, every bridge here, they have a name :D

That day was damn hot, colleagues bring us go a NICE place. Ice Monster. Various type of ABC (ice kacang), actually it is different of the ABC at malaysia. The ice is more soft and not easy become
dissolve. The the ice got the taste of milk too ,they call it 牛奶冰. Really damn Syiok .If i not mistake this shop is allocate at 龙华路. Is just opposite to 解放西路.
Very big portion, full until i cannot walk. I order mix fruit, and my colleague order red beans. RMB15, approximate RM7. They have the giant size one, is really giant !!! I saw the couple beside us is eating that, damm terrible but look romantic ~ :D

Next, maybe i will post the place we have dinner and our lunch, you sure wont believe the place that we went to eat :D

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

HNA Hotel, DownTown Haikou + 明珠广场

Finally feel free to post again, the hotel i stay for my business trip. HNA Hotel, DownTown Haikou. 海口海航国际商务酒店. The hotel is located at 海秀东路( shame shame street,i declare one :D )is consider a happening city in hainan.

It also consider as my 2nd home :D, after work hard a day, and i can able to rest at this wonder and nice hotel. It just take 10 minute walk from office.

There are something you need to beware at Hainan.
1. Becareful there is any spit the floor and street

2. Watch your left, your right, your front, your back see got any motorcar and car chase on you. And forget to tell you guys, watch at the sky, why? Because last sunday while i walk under the hotel, there is a hanger and a lady shirt fall down beside me and "bong !!!",drop down at a car,:( make me get a shock

3. waitress= 服务员,dont call 小姐,小姐=咕咕鸡(chicken),.

4. Whenever you eat at restoran, there is no tissue provide, they will give you tissue in package or a small box. And you need to pay for it, i think is around RM0.50 or RM1. So when you want to pay your resit, you can return to them, so no charges for that. Of course, you dont go to steal one piece and use :D

This is the journey i pass by when i go to office. My colleagues say they saw a big shit at the street before. Quite cold at the morning, usually we will go to eat dim sum at the restoran just beside our office HNA. The price is quite cheap for the dim sum, each person just around Rm4. Maybe next time i should have a shoot on the dim sum.

Actually i quite miss nasi lemak , roti canai, and maggie goreng. Here i cannot find any spicy food to eat too. I love malaysia~ home sweet home.

明珠广场 just notice they got website too http://www.hnmzgc.com/main.htm

明珠广场是海南第一家率先引进地“地产商业”模式的大型购物中心,从 2000年9月开业以来,历经五年多的不懈探索和苦心经营,业已形成为目前全市的商业焦点,是全市商业市场中公认的最具影响力、号召力和竟争力的商业单位。

目前明珠广场仅开业了 5.5万平方米,购物中心的功能规划和业态配置还需完善与拓展,根据当前的市场走向和消费趋势,明珠广场对未营业的六层以上楼层进行如下功能设计和招商规划:

Just capture some food that i brought. Thanks for my colleague lilian intro me the 波罗蜜干果。 When you start eat, you cannot stop. The hainan coffee is suit for small cup else it will be tasteless. My colleague intro me produce by ChunGuang . So far the taste still good. But i miss the taste of nescafe at malaysia.

I also brought a 2 Litter Coke, just around RM3, really damn fat :D hope when i come back , me wont fat like it.
(You can click on the picture and enlarge)