Monday, 21 April 2008

Going back hometown tomorrow 23/4

Finally i can back to malaysia tomorrow and fly back to hainan at 28/4. Miss malaysia? Yup, feeling that i had been isolate from malaysia long time ago. Not sure is there any changes in my living area. About 1 month that i not driving, dont know i still can drive or no. hehe. I go back must eat nasi lemak, maggie goreng, bak kut teh, roti canai...++++

My feeling of working oversea?
hmm.. dont know how to say. If next time meet up my friends, will we dont have any topic to talk? Because i don't know what happen in malaysia.. and friends status. And working at oversea feeling like hard to know new friends. The network circle become small and smaller. Maybe only can go thru friendster or facebook to know new friend ( but i wont la :D, i still prefer keep in touch with old friends :D ). If want to find gf, also dont know how to find. I think i should be single foverer :D

What i become at Hainan?
Sometime still remain slient..quite moody when got thing to do. Althought eating or walking, my mind also don't know fly to where jor. Many thing to think. Somemore nowday i got short term memory, forget my hotel room number, forget the previous song that i listen :(

Of course when i stay oversea, can avoid some matters. Can more concentrate on my works and got time to do my own works. Am i escape from problem? Maybe.. just feeling is too tired to handle problem. I just like to decide my direction and walk on my way. I dont like my life be control or decide by someone.

My project wil starting tomorrow, about 1 month to delivery. Just hate myself as a slow learner. A lots thing need to catch up. Maybe this is the time to let learn to arrange my time and planning well. No matters what happen, i just dont feel to disappointed anyone. Hate the feeling on losing confidence on myself. Hopeful everything go smooth. I dont like to repeat same mistake in my life

Phew.... finally able to run my project, time to bed. Tonite my roomate not snoring. Dont know what wrong with him. Maybe sick jor. Stay with him about 23 days. And this is the first time he not snore :D
Good nite everyone.... 2.52 am ,22/4/2008

p/s: Today johntim just told us a joke. He say malaysia got a jeweller shop call PYT, not convinence to put the information here. Later i give people sue me.
So gentlemen any idea PYT stand for ? :P, this question not suitable answer by ladies. I will announce answer on this friday :D


Johntim said...

You are such a hardworking guy... The spirit will bring you to the top ! Keep it UP !

p/s: I really no snore??? haha that really amazing !! :p

joey said...

u will get what u wish...:)

Siu KeOnG said...

thanks guys, thanks for the support. Hope u guys same too.. gambateh !