Thursday, 3 April 2008


Tomorrow is a holiday for china, guess what holiday? Day for cheng ming (清明节), so friday, saturday and sunday is my holiday. Guess i will be go some place and walk around. Maybe will visit to Sanya next week.

Last week i do a visit to  博爱路, i tell you, the place is really dangerous, motor, bicycle and car is more than people walking at the street. Of course, the place is quite dirty.

  早在明朝洪武28年,海口筑城。南门至北门的 城内交通要道,称城内大街。1924年,海口拆墙建路,使之自南向北通抵水巷口,为纪念孙中山倡导的“博爱”精神,将城内大街改为博爱路。以连接东、西门 的新民路为界,从新民路至长堤路为博爱北路,从新民中至海秀东路三角池为博爱南路,1966年,改名为东方红路,1981年恢复为博爱路。

More information:
琼崖史志』 [寻宝游记][海南老街系列]之博爱路

What we saw before enter to 博爱路, dog meat :D , my favour !!! Dont be crazy, who ask me eat those thing i will kill the person on the spot :D , so what dog you can choose?

Pomeranian? dalma?Golden Retriever? All just RM10 only. You can pick and they will kill them on the spot. Okla, just kidding la, those puppy is not for eat, is for sales, price not sure :D , but is at other street call 东门市场.

Left Photo is East Street, and the Right is West Street. We not walking inside, because is too smelly and dirty :D

龙华花奔广场 this place sell a lots of flower, i think is the place for flower distributors. Of course, those flower is fake one. But the price is quite cheap..

解放西路,is other street that full of shop and stalls. Some place like petaling street but better than that. Colleagues bring us go to some tart. The milk tart nice !

Friendship bridge, every bridge here, they have a name :D

That day was damn hot, colleagues bring us go a NICE place. Ice Monster. Various type of ABC (ice kacang), actually it is different of the ABC at malaysia. The ice is more soft and not easy become
dissolve. The the ice got the taste of milk too ,they call it 牛奶冰. Really damn Syiok .If i not mistake this shop is allocate at 龙华路. Is just opposite to 解放西路.
Very big portion, full until i cannot walk. I order mix fruit, and my colleague order red beans. RMB15, approximate RM7. They have the giant size one, is really giant !!! I saw the couple beside us is eating that, damm terrible but look romantic ~ :D

Next, maybe i will post the place we have dinner and our lunch, you sure wont believe the place that we went to eat :D

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