Sunday, 13 April 2008

Company Badminton Match+Dinner McDonald

Yup, yesterday 12/4, we have join our client badminton match for fun. Actually everday sunday, i will join them for badminton activity. If not, i will become a fat pig here. Well, not really enjoy of the match :( i play on normal double match, 5-2, 5-0 , not more than 10 minute already finish a game. Even i not start sweating yet :( , Prize? A small dairy book :D Other type of game is , double mix.

If you zoom into my 2nd photo, you can see the male and female is holding a roles rope. And rules, male cannot smash :D.
I think i have to bring along my basketball sport shoes too. Since they also invite me play basketball on friday night. Guess i should move everything to hainan for long term staying. After the game, go hotel take bath , take cab go to carefour and have dinner :D Since i not mistake, we all also order this set meal. which is same as i took when i at guang zhou airport, cannot control, this burger really nice :D Pay RMB6, you can get an member card. In Hainan, every place you had food, they should will give you a discount/Member Card, or voucher. Maybe this is one of the way to get business :D

After finish dinner, we accompany JohnTim go to buy some Olympia souvenir. Then we walk back to hotel :D and waiting for supper , because the Mcdonald really not make us full enough. Where we go for supper? 24 hour 豆浆油条 in Hainan :D call 永和. Will post on next blog

I always mention my colleagues, but i not mention their name. I think i should mention as
a respect.hehe. Else feel like strangers :D

Dang Dang Dang, Team members i had at HNA,totally had 6 ra
re piggie now(include me) .

1st, the person sleep with me everyday, Roommate la, Don't think of dirty thing. JohnTim, a humour guy like to talk lots, lucky got him, else we sure boring until die.
2nd, our manager, Sunny, humour and funny guy. When he talk, you laugh non-stop. He is superman, why? Because his job make him nonstop fly at the air
other senior, ah chai, who very geng on badminton and polite :D, former Astro Talent Quest contester
, Stanley, other friendly team member and incharge order dish for us :D Mr Tour guide
5th, Only girl at our team, Lilian, a lenglui who sit beside me at office. Pity her,because always need to listen those dirty word speak from our mouth. Former contester represent Malaysia for sport match.

Is nice to be here :D
Thanks very much for the concern and help.

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