Friday, 11 April 2008

Dinner with CIient at 小蓝鲸

小蓝鲸, Last wednesday, our client held a farewell dinner for my manager.
They book a personal room and inside you can sing k too. You just need to pay other 20% of your total bill.

They totally order 15 dish !!!!! and 2 red wine!!!!!!!

15 dish, really eat "until you cannot recognize your mom". Somehow i don't know what they order too :D Our clients are friendly , they will keep propose a toast to you. Because we are quite distance away between the big table. Usually we use to touch each other glass, so how?
We use our glass and knock on the table glass spin.

I think i drink too much that day + tired of working. When i back to hotel, i straight away fall into my bed and sleep ( i sleeping in position like chinese word 大 ) sleep from 10pm until 8am..
This is the first time i sleep so long hour at hainan :D

Roomate say i sleep like pig :( got ppl come in, knock door, alarm ring and i also don't know :(