Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Coffee Time Restaurant , starting busy already...

Yesterday just back malaysia, today start to work... feeling tired today. Don't know why, when work not go smooth always make me headache.... headache make me tired, tired make me sleepy.

Think this few day i will less post, some post i already pending for few week. Maybe next time will post some funny thing i saw at Hainan.

I like coffee very much, but me not addict to coffee. I just like something hot , smell good and the taste of bitter. Maybe last time drink too much of coffee during my college study week for exam.
And last time when i at KL coffee, got a malay kakak will make coffee to us, at 10.30 am and 3.30 pm.

Hainan is quite famous with coffee. I got buy a pack of coffee and drink at hotel. Their coffee is different with nescafe. Is you put too much water, i t will become tasteless

Coffee Time Restaurant 咖啡时间 is near by the 海秀路, the coffee here is not bad. Quite various of choice. Price also expensive, approximately RM10. Worth or no? At hainan i think is worth. At malaysia, i will prefer coffee bean :D
Actually today i just eat this Portugal steam chicken rice again. Really don't know what to eat. Looking for chicken meat but less choice. Looking for spicy food, but their food not spicy one.

Most funny is when you order spicy food, the waitress will warm you that tell you that the food is spicy... @@ , really sao pei...Totally no feel...i so wish i got nasi lemak 辣死你妈 and put into their mouth.

Start to busy... the answer for the last post, i got mention what is
PYT stand for? 当当当。。
PYT --- Pei Yan Ti?....... have to jaga my imagine. I wont wish to pollute my holy blog :D

Time to work...gogogogo.....

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