Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Quite busy on works and personal matters. So i don't have time to update my blog.
From the previous post, i mention that we go to supper at 永和. It is a 24 hour franchise shop.If we walk from our hotel, it takes about 15 minutes.

The street is clean during 8pm. But after 12am, you can see there are a lots of rubbish at the street. Quite disgusting and unmorality.
Here is it. 永和豆浆油条. Quite thankful for my dear colleagues. I had request few time to bring me go to try,finally i got the chance. Because need to walk so far and pity their stomach. Supper make they become fat :D

I order 黑豆浆加蛋 about RM3. The soya is tasteless, you may need to add sugar by yourself.
This is the way we eat. Actually the 油条 is quite long. The staff cut and divide into 2 piece. Not bad, taste good :D, 油条 is around RM2 or RM3
Siu long bao that we order. Because we order separate. And i don't my boss got order too. So we totally eat 20 siu long bao. Not bad,juicy, but the skin is thick abit, so a bit hard BOCOR :D
How Hainan people enjoy their food? This is the example. Johntim had slowly become a hainan boy :D. http://www.yonghe.com.cn/永和

Will be busy on next week. Development works had started. Really wish i can handle it well. This time must put all my effort and learn as much as i can. Need to find back the confident i had lost last time. Add oil guys. Zonzamas you too !

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