Tuesday, 1 April 2008

HNA Hotel, DownTown Haikou + 明珠广场

Finally feel free to post again, the hotel i stay for my business trip. HNA Hotel, DownTown Haikou. 海口海航国际商务酒店. The hotel is located at 海秀东路( shame shame street,i declare one :D )is consider a happening city in hainan.

It also consider as my 2nd home :D, after work hard a day, and i can able to rest at this wonder and nice hotel. It just take 10 minute walk from office.

There are something you need to beware at Hainan.
1. Becareful there is any spit the floor and street

2. Watch your left, your right, your front, your back see got any motorcar and car chase on you. And forget to tell you guys, watch at the sky, why? Because last sunday while i walk under the hotel, there is a hanger and a lady shirt fall down beside me and "bong !!!",drop down at a car,:( make me get a shock

3. waitress= 服务员,dont call 小姐,小姐=咕咕鸡(chicken),.

4. Whenever you eat at restoran, there is no tissue provide, they will give you tissue in package or a small box. And you need to pay for it, i think is around RM0.50 or RM1. So when you want to pay your resit, you can return to them, so no charges for that. Of course, you dont go to steal one piece and use :D

This is the journey i pass by when i go to office. My colleagues say they saw a big shit at the street before. Quite cold at the morning, usually we will go to eat dim sum at the restoran just beside our office HNA. The price is quite cheap for the dim sum, each person just around Rm4. Maybe next time i should have a shoot on the dim sum.

Actually i quite miss nasi lemak , roti canai, and maggie goreng. Here i cannot find any spicy food to eat too. I love malaysia~ home sweet home.

明珠广场 just notice they got website too http://www.hnmzgc.com/main.htm

明珠广场是海南第一家率先引进地“地产商业”模式的大型购物中心,从 2000年9月开业以来,历经五年多的不懈探索和苦心经营,业已形成为目前全市的商业焦点,是全市商业市场中公认的最具影响力、号召力和竟争力的商业单位。

目前明珠广场仅开业了 5.5万平方米,购物中心的功能规划和业态配置还需完善与拓展,根据当前的市场走向和消费趋势,明珠广场对未营业的六层以上楼层进行如下功能设计和招商规划:

Just capture some food that i brought. Thanks for my colleague lilian intro me the 波罗蜜干果。 When you start eat, you cannot stop. The hainan coffee is suit for small cup else it will be tasteless. My colleague intro me produce by ChunGuang . So far the taste still good. But i miss the taste of nescafe at malaysia.

I also brought a 2 Litter Coke, just around RM3, really damn fat :D hope when i come back , me wont fat like it.
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Johnt|M said...

You dam big eater... buy so much snack and you finish it !! you going to fat boy :p

squall said...

wow...lot food u bought...

Siu KeOnG said...

Thanks squall, the biscuit i brought not nice :D

JohnTim, u eat a lots today too !!

Siu KeOnG said...

Thanks squall, the biscuit i brought not nice :D

JohnTim, u eat a lots today too !!