Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Hotel that i stay HNA Hotel

Yea, i reach GuangZhou after 4 hour inside the plane, and wait for transit to Hainan, my colleague and boss keep mention the McDonald in china is best , especially Pork.

But unfortunately, the pork burger is sell before 10am.

So no choice, i see there is a new burger, and the sweet china cashier keep promote and ask me try, and i also give face and have a try, Quite friendly, they can speak cantonese also.

I order a 麻辣铁板烧套餐 ( Set Spicy tenpayaki), is a chicken with Premium Ice Milk tea. RMB23.50, no tax , no services charges, free wifi.

Finally i arrived at Hainan, i will stay here until 18/4, i stay at client's hotel , HNA Hotel

The weather at hainan is almost same as genting, i reach there around 5.30pm.

The taxi driver in hainan really is terrible,my heart almost jump out,especial he drive fast and almost hit the car in front. What taxi i sit? volkswagen ,but is 1st generation i think. Very old and inside also look ugly.

Next, our room at Hotel HNA, RMB260 (RM130) pernight, for staff price, i not sure normal customer is how much,

you need to check it out. Recommended hotel for everyone, 4 star hotel.I will sleep alone first, my other team member will join me , next week, but have to give warning to my team member/roomates, JT please dont peep the window when i take bath, it will see thru into the bath room !!!!

Even i close the window curtain, there is still a small place, you can see. Please la, i hope you wont do that to me rite? I admit i am big enough, you no need verify again :D

Plasma TV , wowow. i think got 29'inch, the bed is soft and nice, can online. Even there is a weight measure machine for you. Really is a worth and nice 4 star hotel !!!

Brother, no joking, really see thru la. you wont wish to see me naked bath right??

Question, why need to put a phone beside there? The shower is nice, you will feel like u take bath under a rain. Rain keep falling at my head~~

The hotel i stay is quite near with those happening shopping center, just across the road,not more than 5 minute, maybe next time i will snap some pic on the street. Quite alots of pretty girls also :D

So we go to a famous shopping center , call 明珠广场 ( Ming Zhu), total got 8 floor. we went to 7 floor and have our dinner.

I tell you, the food really is cheap and worth,the portion is big and the material is alots.
Let see what we order --->

my dear boss order a spicy seafood soup, me order a pork chop + seafood soup.
RMB26 ( RM13), the portion really big la...( Free refill drink)
the spicy soup nice than my normal soup, cold weather better drink some spicy soup to warm
up your body

Tomorrow will go to eat tim sam before we working, hear them say quite cheap and various of choice, + nice. I will take more picture and chinese dolls tomorrow.


whistler said...

looks like you damn song woh, got bring girl home ah?

Anonymous said...

wow.. u looks very enjoying

Siu KeOnG said...

bring girl home? how to bring? my home at malaysia, i stay at hotel le.... lolx

joshuaongys said...

walao eh.. nice!!!

Siu KeOnG said...

To joshua, nice then come lor...very miss you all, no basketball play here :D

Yuen Hwa said...

Wah..u look like really enjoying la..not seem like going to work also de..i think ur colleagues should arrive by now..enjoy the trip!!

Siu KeOnG said...

I go there working la :D
where got playing? :(
Very tension tooo