Sunday, 4 May 2008

Funny thing i saw on my trip

Dont get into wrong coffee shop. This is SPR coffee :D, i was shock when i saw this cofffee shop, it just look like starbuck . I just go to google and search and it show "SPR COFFEE is one of the most successful coffee franchises in China. "

However, i saw this shop at Guang zhou airport, and i also saw a shop at Hainan too. Maybe next time should have a try see whether it better than Starbuck and coffeebean.
Are you are tired of sitting the chain inside the plane? Nvm ,you can just sleep like him :D, make sure you wear shoes , if you have smelly foot
Sometime you can see people sell thing medicine at the street. hey, that one is real snake, of course die jor. Saw those litter scorpio~ i also dont know it really can heal people or no. But a lots people is buying :D
The funny thing you will see, chinese word translate to english word. This is what johntim starting blur when he order a food when we have lunch at Very Nice . I just hear him keep speaking " What the......................". And i ask him what happen? He ask me why got 3 fied pork steak and what is the different...hahhahaa.

I saw this at airport toilet, lady and gentlemen please remember this phrase ok?


wk said...

Well, you can consider yourself lucky as you are not seeing these.

Johntim said...

Hahaha, I can be the witness for all the above is true :)

There are actually more funny thing to post... hahaha :)