Tuesday, 27 May 2008

When Chicken from thai meet Duck from china.......

So i stay at hainan for 2 month, so what had i learn from their culture? Gaga...i learn thai language. Funny, get influence by my colleague Little Notebook . She stay at thailand almost 2 year because of project assignment. Some of my colleagues can speak also. Like my boss, really speak thai with client. I also wonder is it he is a thai? :D

So i am able to learn some. Although is not much, but usefully :D But i only know type, dont know speak. The tone is quite funny. Below is a conversation today with 维记. Almost make he faint :D

auyong: tamai ( what )

维记 :mek guai hei "tamai"?
ngmm meng

auyong: tamai...= what in thai

维记 : dai lou
ngo ngmm sek gong Thai war

auyong: lagon khup (Goodbye)
kaa... ( same as Goodbye)

维记 :dim gai nei di channel lun sai long gei?
tong nei gong gong dong wa

auyong: mai mee (No)

维记 : nei geng yin yong Thai wa
reply dou you gei?

auyong: khop khun kap ( Thanks)

维记 : LOL... u can save this chat
post to blog as

auyong:cai (Yes)

维记 :"chit chat of chicken & duck"

Quite funny. Use to learn more :D

Sorry...just get correction from little notebook, tamai mean Why.....arai mean what :D pai sei... half water


Johntim aka Lonely Ranger said...

Ki li ku lu ma ca ma ca,
Si si sa sa, asi lu lu ma ca !

Roxanne said...

den u r duck from china la???