Sunday, 28 June 2009

Standard Chartered KL MARATHON 2009...

No much update recently, had been busy for cleanning up my stuff , because i will leaving malaysia and oversea working for 62 day. Where i going? will update when i reach there :)
Maybe i will had problem on login to blogger and msn too.

Well, suppose be i leaving on last friday, because the stupid plane got problem at the left wings enginee, so i need to cancel my flight, and leave on this coming wednesday, really tired and feel exhausted.

However, we just walk for fun, just a 5km journey:)

fashion show to the ending point
Body guard...ahahahha
一起走过的日子.......the journey we walk passed


Invisible said...

u're there too hio~~
i was there oso

Johntim said...

I hate those people who say us fashion showing :p Haha but indeed we are cat walking :p

Hahaha nice run... I wish can have next round... but lets aim for 10KM

Siu KeOnG said...

Invisible, hahaha..why u and me always go to same place...funny wer

Johntim: i dun want run...i want take photo..

Kuntong said...

wah...walk wit bag somemore... hahahaha..
my dad run the Full Marathon tat day..