Sunday, 7 June 2009

New Flash, Nissin D622

Last month, i had invite by my friend to become their photographer on their wedding days, why i didn't post up? Because all the photo just look like "shit" and i not very happy for all the photo, especially indoor, really feel embarrass.
Build in flash..... "Fail"
No flash.... "Fail"Nice...."Standard"

If i post high ISO, it will make my photo blur/Noise.....So external flash always is a good choice to avoid bad image happen.

Thanks to my Nissin Flash
More photo will be post up soon :)


Samuel said...

Congrates on your new flash, now you can officially take indoor photos without much worries already XD.

Kuntong said...

my 1 is Di622. urs, D622. =P

nturtle321 said...

regarding nothing to ur new flash, jz wanna say "HI HI" to little lion oni ^.^~

Siu KeOnG said...

hahah nturtle, ur lion is safe~:)