Friday, 8 August 2008

Beijing's Olympic 2008 08 08 8.08pm

Yea, tonight is a special for everyone, time past so fast. Quite busy this few day, so tired and cannot find a direction out. Lucky today discussion able to fix the problem, else i sure not mood to watch the ceremony.

Cant wait to see the Bird Nest stadium at Beijing. I like the unique design of the stadium. I at china but so far from beijing, as my collegue say : " We are so near, we cant able to attend to the stadium". haha, i ask him better watch tv.

Night view of the stadium, look elegant。Other special box, the Watercube
Tonight sure can see many fu wa at TV :D
Tonight , my roommate and i plan to buy KFC and some beers, and enjoy the ceremony at hotel:D , celebrate a special day with a group of special friends here. 2008-8-8 a unforgettable day for every 同胞 and world.


Johnt|M said...

Yeah today is special day for me also... 100 Days in Hainan, China... Hahaha

Let enjoy our KFC tonight !

KFC 样样和我意, Finger Lickin Good =)

Roxanne said...

picture so nce
you took it??
i want to join
may i?