Saturday, 2 August 2008

Displaying message is funny :D , dont you feel so?

I like to display the message at Gtalk or MSN. Why? Because you can express ur feeling, your status, and your words to everyone.
Sometime work is boring and tired, why don't try something humour and make fun with your friend? This is an example today, few of my funny colleagues display sound stupid but real.

Why we display durian? Because one of my lovely colleague say now is durian season, so we display durian photo :D Everyone go to find some special photo and display :D , quite co-operate hor? Like the johntim put red durian... i dont know where he go to find. He say is Sabah durian.

This is call working life, although we are busy and we still find some way to entertainment.

1 comment:

johntim said...

Hahaha Red Durian... Yeah... I think the durian period la... hahaha :)

Yeah indeed the msn and gtalk display message is funny... I love you guys :)