Sunday, 3 August 2008

Beijing's Mascots 福娃 (Fu Wa)

Since i put my MSN display message as "Siu KeOnG@Hainan:I shake hand with fu wa.. she so pretty says:" , everyone asking me same question " who is fu wa?"

Aiyo, olympic is coming soon, you all still sleeping is it?
Come, i give you guys some question

1. How many fu wa(福娃) is presenting Beijing's Mascots.

2. Name all the Beijing's Mascots.
北北,京京,欢欢,迎迎,妮妮,bei bei, jing jing, huan huan, ying ying, ni ni

3.What is the date and time for Beijing's Olympic open ceremony?
8/8/2008 8.08pm

4.What is the place name held for Beijing's Olympic open ceremony?
Bird's Nest Stadium鸟巢

5.What is the slogan for Beijing's Olympic?
同一个世界 同一个梦想”,英文口号为:One World,One Dream

How many answer you get? You have to knock your head if you don't know. Okla, extra question, What animal you knock his head 2 time, it will die??? ( Those who know the answer, please keep quiet ar, especially the JohnTim who spying my screen now :X )
Answer: crocodile( because Knock Knock die ) , haha

p/s: press Ctrl + A , you able to see the answer at the question below, cheers.
She is the fu wa(迎迎), she so big and cute.
Will upload more picture when i back to Hotel , cheers.
(Johntim with Cute Ying Ying)
( Jacky with Pretty Ying Ying)
( Leng lui Lilian with Ying Ying)
(Shop Selling Olympic souvenir)
( Fu wa is around anywhere)
( Can you remember their name? Until now, i stil cannot ~>.<~)
Beijing' 加油。。。。马来西亚加油。。。!!


johntim said...

Wah got quiz somemore ...

Creative !!

Qiang !

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Niaseng...i can only answer 2 of the questions laa...sei mou...i shud just knock my head twice then!

questyeong said...

Hai yo... what so hard to remember all the names... all names together are:"北京欢迎你"(bei jing1 huan1 ying2 ni3)...

Still sleeping is it...

Siu KeOnG said...

Johtim: yaya, got quiz, but you know all answer liao. knock knock die

Butterflyzdreamer: Then you should read more book/newspaper lor, ah so

questyeong : Fuyo, brother, u also come here. Haha the name quite confuse le, u refer my pic. It seem got 2 meaning :D

Roxanne said...

ii dunno the quiz answer
but tat knock knock die so easy larr~

lin said...