Sunday, 24 August 2008

Graduation Convocation... duh, i graduated 3 year already

Last saturday just went to Chryss graduation convocation day. So tiffanny and i go to memory lane
gift shop at KLCC for buying some gift to Chryss.
This is what i brought..a cute bear not sure the staff is newbie or she havent wake up in the morning, she watste me half an hour to hamper the bear i brought. Tiffanny and me totally faint when see the way she doing. Just pack like a rubbish. The way she do it, like bungkus a nasi lemak and give you... Argghhh...!!!! No choice lor, tiffanny try to help me adjust abit , because that time , i really feel want to tear off the plastic
This is what tiffanny try her best to help me. Pity the bear, like so painful inside the hamper..aiiiiiiii........ P/s: the shop keeper is a chinese girl , and fat abit with curry hair, just avoid her if possible... Sorry chrys

Finally i reach the place , MCA building. Many people ahhh...many handsome guy and pretty girl. Those office buddy, you guys got chance to grab fresh food...hahahaa.
's family and anak angkat = Tiffanny.. hahahahaha...people take family photo, why you go inside har???? hahaha
You see chryss'emotion, she si beh bo song you already :D
Time to buang topi... yea.. 1....2.......3.........go~
:" Aduhhh, i hit my head, pain ....@@".
Finally got chance take photo with dyuelife's 2nd runner up winner. Paiseh la...congratulation again :D

Convocation remind me many things, the past memory store in my mind, i understand there is no easy to reach the tough stage. Last time classmate and i use to work hard to attend our degree convocation.

The 4 year we study, just waiting for the moment to graduate and start our new working life. Until now , i still keep in touch with some classmate, because most of my classmate is from perak and penang, maybe is distance problem and everyone is busy with their works, so relationship slowly become unfamiliar.

It is every stage of friends, we will meet new friends, and slow disconnection with the old friends? I think is yes, just appreciate every friends walk by in your life.. :D
Do you still remember the moments? I always remember. I miss you guys very much.

E1 buddy, SiuKeong

Ps: Roommate just blog a funny photo during at Hainan -> Click me


johntim said...

Hahaha... congratulation to your friend...

I like convo and graduation that why I choose to continue study... but I hate exam wor... how ?


Siu KeOnG said...

Then you ma study..but you skip the exam lor. Because you already get your knowledge, exam just get a cert..hahahahahaha

johntim said...


No Exam No Graduation Wor =)

Butterflyzdreamer said...

eh the gift really look like u pakai hamtam simply pack with bungkus nasi lemak...*bluack* so damn ugly lah i think i can do better than that weyyyyyyyyy

Siu KeOnG said...

ya lor, kek si gor...what a bad services. Okla, next time if i want to hamper i find you ok? hahaa....i tot u only geng at make up? waakakka