Tuesday, 27 May 2008

When Chicken from thai meet Duck from china.......

So i stay at hainan for 2 month, so what had i learn from their culture? Gaga...i learn thai language. Funny, get influence by my colleague Little Notebook . She stay at thailand almost 2 year because of project assignment. Some of my colleagues can speak also. Like my boss, really speak thai with client. I also wonder is it he is a thai? :D

So i am able to learn some. Although is not much, but usefully :D But i only know type, dont know speak. The tone is quite funny. Below is a conversation today with 维记. Almost make he faint :D

auyong: tamai ( what )

维记 :mek guai hei "tamai"?
ngmm meng

auyong: tamai...= what in thai

维记 : dai lou
ngo ngmm sek gong Thai war

auyong: lagon khup (Goodbye)
kaa... ( same as Goodbye)

维记 :dim gai nei di channel lun sai long gei?
tong nei gong gong dong wa

auyong: mai mee (No)

维记 : nei geng yin yong Thai wa
reply dou you gei?

auyong: khop khun kap ( Thanks)

维记 : LOL... u can save this chat
post to blog as

auyong:cai (Yes)

维记 :"chit chat of chicken & duck"

Quite funny. Use to learn more :D

Sorry...just get correction from little notebook, tamai mean Why.....arai mean what :D pai sei... half water

Friday, 23 May 2008

lonely..i am so lonely~...i have no body on my trip~o ~o~h

Haii.. finally reach Guang Zhou, Today rush like a dog. So many thing pending in office. And the whether is so hot. The stupid plane no air cond somemore. The taxi air cond is cold than the plane, can you believe?
Well, today quite lucky, meet a friendly taxi driver, and talk lots. And he like to collect money. Of course all of us like to collect money, haha. Actually his hobby is collection money from different country So i give him RM1 and RM5 for collecton. And he also praise me that my chinese speak good. Make me so high and happy.

This trip i have to travel alone. My roomate pit me and go back liao. Alone take taxi, alone take plane, alone at mcdonald, alone go toilet... haha. So this time , is my last chance to sit china southern airline, next trip onward, we all sit air asia. So i no need to transit at GuangZhou already. YEA!!!!!!!!!!! But no mcdonald eat liao. And departure time for air asia is 7am. So
as the john say. "7am need to Depart from LCCT to Haikou Airport... Meaning I need to go LCCT at 5am?? and I need to take taxi at 4am?? and wake up at 3am??"

I think i no need sleep lor. Direct wait until 3am.

Not sure i will stay at KL until when, hear that is mid of june. I hope so la. Because my friend will have a wedding dinner at 10/6, i don't wish to miss it too. Really feel guilty. I believe in future is hard to me to attend all my friend wedding due to my job assignment. I just wish to try my best as much i can. People only married 1 time, no return ticket to married second time :D

So wish you have a happiness married life and happy birthday to you too.


Sunday, 4 May 2008

Funny thing i saw on my trip

Dont get into wrong coffee shop. This is SPR coffee :D, i was shock when i saw this cofffee shop, it just look like starbuck . I just go to google and search and it show "SPR COFFEE is one of the most successful coffee franchises in China. "

However, i saw this shop at Guang zhou airport, and i also saw a shop at Hainan too. Maybe next time should have a try see whether it better than Starbuck and coffeebean.
Are you are tired of sitting the chain inside the plane? Nvm ,you can just sleep like him :D, make sure you wear shoes , if you have smelly foot
Sometime you can see people sell thing medicine at the street. hey, that one is real snake, of course die jor. Saw those litter scorpio~ i also dont know it really can heal people or no. But a lots people is buying :D
The funny thing you will see, chinese word translate to english word. This is what johntim starting blur when he order a food when we have lunch at Very Nice . I just hear him keep speaking " What the......................". And i ask him what happen? He ask me why got 3 fied pork steak and what is the different...hahhahaa.

I saw this at airport toilet, lady and gentlemen please remember this phrase ok?