Monday, 31 December 2007

Count down New Year 2008 at office......><

This year is a very special way to me for count down.
Because got special friend celebrate with me?
Because got leng lui celebrate with me?
Because got a special place for me to celebrate?

Yup, I still working like a cow at office with my team member.
Last saturday, sunday work, I think tomorrow (1/1/2008) also need to work OT

9:40pm.... Whole office only left me and my memeber :(
10:00pm...Stomach starting to complain, eyes already @@
10.30pm.. Chatting with chrys, tear start want to drop..... ~~~>.<~~~ 10.45pm.. Cannot stay anymore, find friend dinner, else i will die here....

Empty Office ....

My Farm..........

My Dinner....some chocolate from japan :(

1-1-2008 already give me a sign that is a good starting to me to become a cow :D

Happy new Year 2008 To everyone...

P/s: Hear that petrol will increase 20 sen - 70 sen, but i still at office, no chance to pump also.


wk said...

Happy New Year!
Don't be midnite cowman!


hahaa, such an honour to be in urblog! hahaa.. sorry aa..thtday cant chat longer wth u. anyway, noe tht u r hving a tight n tough working life now, so stay healthy n cool kay! do tk gdcare thr ya! gdluck for ur job=)


yuenhwa said...

so cham..but ur office looks very big oo...

Siu KeOnG said...

To wk,
Happy new year, Now i got 1 more name"cowman" chinese call 牛郎? So who is my 织女? :D

To Chryss,
Is my pleassure to add you. Aiya, such a pretty girl, should give the whole world know. Later if lucky, got an model/Advertise agent spy on you:D
who knows :D

To Yuen hwa,
Ya,big...But not mine :D

Happy new year 2008 ! All the best and healthy always


hahaa, so u mean i hv to thank you lar?! hahaa, thanks laa, thanks lots lots. IF NO ONE SPIED ME THAT YOU"LL KNOW!! hahahaha, kidding la. enjoy ur working life ya. "you hv to love it in order to feel pleasure in doing it." wahaha!


Siu KeOnG said...

Dear Chyss,

Thanks, i love my jobs now. My office = My home, My home = My office. I got 2 home :(


hahaa, such a contradiction! esp with ":(". hahaa! anyway, jiayou laa ya! u noe thr's lots of ppl around u tht will gv u full supports on ur efforts. GAINS will surely be seen soon, rmmbr wat i said? u deserved to savour good ones laa. ur brighter n desired future is waiting for you n u'r reaching. so jiayou jiayou laa ya!


Siu KeOnG said...

To Chryss,

Thanks alots for your support, you also jia you ba. So i can attend your graduate day this year :D cheers