Wednesday, 26 December 2007

My 2007 Christmas -Sunway pyramid

How you guys spend your christmas day?
Yeap..i went to Egypt during Christmas day !!!! Very very execited...!!!

Of course not, i just went to Sunway pyramid for movie and ice skating. With 3 pretty girl, Cindy, Tiffanny & Joey. Very touching and thankful to joey, because she bring along her medicine while join us.. Hopefully we successful make your sickness gone after hang out with us :D

A litter christmas house. But the area of decoration is too small. Not much place for us to take photo.
My pretty ex colleagues, Opss should be my pretty friends. Tiffanny,Joey,Cindy.

Then , we go to buy movie ticket ~Nicolas Cage " National Treasure 2 - Book of secrets
Honestly the movie abit complicated, maybe involve too many people name. But i learn a lots of place name, like statue of liberty :P My english is poor

Overall quite interesting, although i dint watch the 1st episode. But the lady sit beside me also "Dio Gia" twice. lolx
Not sure others watch "I AM LEGEND" or no. I watch it few week ago. It is a very nice movie for me. Will Smith, really is a good actor. I can say that the execiting on the movie is not about the audio, sound effect or etc. I get scare/shock is because the the acting of Will Smith, his expression, every single action that he done. You can feel that you also part of the roles in the movie. Finish promote, continue back .....

Ice skating, Rm19 per entry, 2 hour duration for you to skate. RM5/RM8 for glove.

Look very execiting, but i not able to give my first time to sunway. Because we make a queue about half hour then reach the counter, but the staff :" Can go in, but no more shoes, you need to wait the people return the shoes"..

Somemore Joey is not feeling, so we decide to shopping and have tea time :D

Our tea time at Kim Gary, Lemon green tea, hot milk , 2 ying yong + Cindy's pork burger :D
My lunch and bread toasted for tiffanny
After movie, we planning for dinner. Previously plan to have dinner at kepong. Eat Bak kut teh. But due to everyone still full. We went go Jalan Ipoh for dim sum. Not sure what is the name for the shop. Usually i visit to the middle shop.
Siu Mai, Har Gao, Yu Yun(NICE), Ham dan....

Opss, See nyin, thanks for your birthday present. A pig key chain.
Christmas is gone.......2008 is coming. Wish everyone healthy and earn lots lots money and happy !!!!

"2008 is coming, New year, New life, New target, New achievement, New ME .."


joey said...

Next time we go for "Ghost" movie lor...Just kidding..:p

Happy New Year..

tekko said...

so near to my house also no one call me out... :-( ha ha, just kidding. i watched I am Legend too, i think is a good one, except the ending too short.

Happy New Year!

Siu KeOnG said...

To tekko.
Happy new year to you. Then you have blame those lady loo. Aiya. We dont want disturb you ma. You very bz:P,ya is nice movie...Will smith~support support !!!

To joey,
You say one, we watch ghost movie next time...we sit 1st row ok?