Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

金狗標,金狗標,金狗噢的喂。。Yeah, still got 14 hour for Christmas Eve count down. But i still working at office. Someone very lonely here, because all my team member either onleave or fly back to their "base". Boring betul, totally no mood to work. Sienzzz...

This year feel abit lonely... no idea how to celebrate christmas and where to go at christmas eve too. Just post some shopping center's decoration to make myself able to feel the Christmas is coming.

One Utama, Theme is about "Band", very nice, the drummer can move his head to right to left, left to right. haha.. I almost meet him twist a day. During the way walk to my offfice, and the way go to car park after work.

Guess where? Yeah. Pavilion, not sure what is the theme. but the white Christmas tree look great.

So far, that all the shopping center that i go , not sure Mid valley, The curve and etc, what is the decoration about. Start feel lazy to explore all the shopping center , traffic jam, hard to find car park.

New year 2008 is coming soon, any wish?? hmmm...
1. Wish all my family and friends healthy always. Opss, include myself.
2. All go smooth on my career.
3. Travel to some county to my holiday, if can, i will try backpack, anyone interest?
4. Earn and save more money, so i can change my stupid hp and maybe brought myself a lappie(Laptop, i saw forum, they call their laptop call lappie..)
5. Relationship? Of course, i wish to get more friend ; Love? hmm...depend on fate. I will more focus on career, i m enjoy of single life :)
6. Importance is , continue life with happiness and meaningful~

How about you? What you going to plan on 2008? Just share with me :)

Merry christmas and Happy new year to all my dear friends

I like the "Last Christmas" sing by Ashley Tisdale. Hope you enjoy it :D

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