Monday, 20 October 2008

Chatuchak market, bangkok, i shop almost 7 hour there lolx

Last saturday, we make our plan to SHOPPING !!!!!!!!! So LittleNotebook intro us to the chatuchak market. We took taxi from my hotel to the place, charges is around 89 THB, please ask the driver use the highway, just pay 45THB by your own.
Really really damn a lots of people. At the early time, i already told my friend, i wont spent a lots money on buy thing. But at the end, i become a shopaholic , money keep fly away ~ haha. Damn crazy.
Shirt is everywhere. I like their shirt design, the fashion , logo or arts that print at the shirt is very very special, cannot find at malaysia, but of course, the quality of cloth is a bit low. You can get any shirt starting from 90 THB. LittleNotebook advice me, when you saw the thing that you like, just buy it. Is hard to turning back or buy in other shop. ( She more
shopaholic than me) bag bag bag... really is heaven for girls, you can even get a LV beg at 199 THB. No matter where i go, i always see people carry LV =.= ||| really cannot understand what so special on LV (Lost Virgin) lolx..
bag bag bag bag....... this remind me of T-beg , you know what is that? hehe, is my favour tv series. Prison break ~
Got key chain too. Dont know what cartoon is that, but is cute. I believe the shirt and thing is all is design by theirself.
Shoes~ cheaper than vinci ...hahahaha i think vinci brought from here too, just their restick their brand name only :D
you like blue???? Lighting, do you saw the balls with horizontal angle one. Just RM10 .. feel want to brought it. But no place to put. And i worry if the LED broken then cannot change. Here got sell all thing relate to army, camping or climbing too. Gun? ehhh i didnt saw :D Saw a cute puppy when i brought few pair of socks at a stall. Really really cute, he/she purposely make a nice post when i call him for a photo. necklace...haha i think they sell based on gram.hehehe.... if you can buy it and design yourself, should you can earn a big money. The cost is so cheap.. can you imagine that? Shoes shoes..i think is around 490THB, no money, so i no buy. I brought a lots shirt to my friend and family :D, almost pokai liao Miss Shopaholic LittleNotebook is looking for a hat, she want to become cow girl
This drive girl crazy..... after you buy shoes from here, i think you no need buy shoes for a year. See. i told you, thailand is all about Arts~ Nah..Miss keping , this is the place u mention... =K E P I N G= says: is it the market where u can find alot of pets
The satay is nice !!! Fried Chicken nice too. But the other dish is too sour to me.. :D So far, i can accept all the food at thailand, although is cheap but is nice, seafood fried rice just Rm4 (Johntim eat yong chow fried rice , RM20 at dubai, your one sure sure very very nice !!) haha

1st time in my life, shopping 7 hour and brought a lots of stuff. Really is a very good market if you want to get something cheap and nice. No doubt that the quality is low abit, of course, what you pay is what you get. Most satisfy is , i able to buy a nice long
sleeve shirt...hehe. Last time always find at KL, but not able to get nice one.
The thing i get back from battlefield. I think got around Rm200. Happy shopping !!!!!

Some descripton of chatuchak
It would be no exaggeration to say that hardly any especially Bangkok doesn't know Chatuchak Market. This is The Worlds Biggest Weekend Market selling practically everything under the sun, from the smallest nails, to foods, trendy fashions, antiques intricate wooden carvings, masks from far-off lands, adorable fluffy dogs, colorful fish of every hue and singing birds. You can find all this and more at amazing Chatuchak market. There are almost 9,000 individual booths overflowing with every imaginable type of wares to catch your fancy. Once inside the market, you will be catch up in a world of bursting crowds and stalls stretching as far as the eye can see.

Location=Chatuchak market is adjacent to the Kamphaengphet station (MRT) of the Bangkok Metro, or about a 5-minute walk from the Mo Chit (หมอชิต) Skytrain (BTS) station and Suan Chatuchak(Chatuchak Park) station(MRT).


johntim said...

Another place to visit -_- song...

Got buy me, ah sou and prince something or not hahaha

I visit this place before but not enough time hahaha.. next time must spend more time there =)

wei shien said...

wow!! shopping wer~~`
wat my dear buy for me na??

Roxanne said...

you also shop around 7 hours ar?

Siu KeOnG said...

To john,no buy anything, i leave RM150 for 1 week nia...die...i buy for u when i at KK ok?

To weishien, no buy thing for u, your size too big, cannot find

To roxanne,thanks for effort you done yesterday ..hehe ya 7 hour. Stamina for me b4 go KK :D

wei shien said...

har?? not buy for me orh??
sad na.... cry cry cry

johntim said...

So you mean by when go KK and very tired that time, you will think of chatuchak ah... imagine all the way to the top of the hill have alot stall selling shoe, shirt etc??


Roxanne said...

stamina pulak =.=|||
7hours not enough larr~

Siu KeOnG said...

To wei shien: dont have your size :( u need to follow me go gym

TO roxanne: yea ..enough gua

TO johntim: hahahah....think of chutuchak ar..good idea too...if i got the power make the tree turn into shirt..hahaa, barlia ar u !

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Wad u buy for me nehhh i also wan!!! else i wanna lau kai!!!!

wei shien said...

hate u!!!! herg!!!!

Siu KeOnG said...

To Butterflyzdreamer, i buy a JT for you ok mou? LV dont have la...JT ok ?hahaahhaa...dun act mui mui zai, u damm mature than me

To wei shien, herg also cannot lost weight 1...hahahahha

Lilian said...

eh..siu keong..u spend a lot hor..wuahaha..8k not enough somemore buy somemore!do u see the horns on top of my head?

johntim said...

haha I cannot tahan la... why got so many mui mui zai here 1... lol

Siu KeOnG said...

To lilian, yaa.. saw your horns, you 牛魔王。。。devil of cow. Stop bringing eat nice food~ aiii now me everyday need dessert after my lunch...cham..non stop eating

TO john, you wan mui mui zai? I sent you some one? too many...cannot handle :(

johntim said...

No thanks, got ah sou enough jor

I see your photo, ur stamak dam big la... cham la.. u... fatty bom bom jor

Siu KeOnG said...

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Y U SPOT MY STAMAK !!!!!
ya i damm fat.. :( i admit...shit u i want detox !!!!

wei shien said...

wat la?!!~
bad siu keong...!!
dun let me meet u, if not?? u'll die gao gao...
i'll kill u wer~

Siu KeOnG said...

kill me? i tot u wan to hold my hand and kiss me?hahahahhaa

wei shien said...

hold ur hand n kiss u??
i no dare... later u misunderstand

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know how much you pay for the Polo t-shirt at Chatuchak?
at least i can bargain with them when i visit the market next year...
Sher :)

Siu KeOnG said...

Hi sher?
The polo t shirt just around RM15, if i no mistaken. But the quality so so la..hahaa...

Then enjoy your trip next year. Chatuchak is a very nice place to shop :D