Saturday, 4 October 2008

代官山 Daintihill at pavilion

Daintihill is allocated at Pavilion KL, Eunice, kok Seong, jennfer and me went there for gathering and dinner. Why we choose this shop? Because citibank credit card got 50% discount, we able to afford to pay the bill :D hahahhaa..
Quite a lots customer having dinner there. The environment is nice. But honestly, the food is priceless compare what we eat at normal restaurant.
Not only for dinner, you can have a gathering or chit chat.
This is what jennifer order for the drinks. What is that? hahaha.... She recommand us must try this, because cannot find in other place. It call
桂花浓醋 Sweet-Scented Osmanthus Vinegar
The vinegar taste is so very sour but very high~ if u dare to look must keep cold for better tasteful. (RM15)
Our Appetizer...Dragon fruit and prawn salad...i like the source with dragon fruit. But prawn really less. I didn't able eat any.My favorite dishes,Spicy chicken with pinenut. Hmm..portion is small abit. But ok much surprise :D
Empreror's roll 双拼唐风卷....yea...this is special and nice, it look like sushi, but not sushi~ the size is bigger than sushi~ this one is more tasteful and nice~ recommended !

Stew Clams in tang style... i just wonder why the size is so small...aii....disappointed.
Baked Escargots....France style. This one...hmmm.. forget the taste, but can try also since it was 50% discount.
(kok Seong, Eunice, Jennifer and me (Holding camera) , hanging around at pavilion, really long time no visiting pavilion, feel it change lots too. Welcome to KL, kok seong and eunice, wish you have a better career here.

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Karen4ever said...

everytime go eat so delicious food envy lar!!!when is ur turn to bring me ya???i also wanna eat those delicious food lar!!!!!!!!XD

Siu KeOnG said...

u fat already dun eat so much, promise date v u , really sorry that been busy so long time.. hopefully this weekend ba..ok? :D