Sunday, 12 October 2008

Last stamina training at FRIM

Is was my last stamina training before i go bangkok, i guess i have no time to train up myself again after i back from bangkok. Actually some of my friend already don't want join us go to Bukit Tabur, they blame that it was too dangerous and don't want siao with me =.=|||

Long time not went to FRIM, although i just need a 5 minute walk from my house. hehe. i don't like to jogging, i prefer play basketball on sunday :D
Here is it....the entry, I had not step into the canopy walk since 4 or 5 year ago, the only thing i can remember is not challenging..hahahah...but maybe me also old already. Not like last time, can i only can walk step by step...
wahh so fast reach 1000 kaki?????
Even the girl
(irene & shally) can overtake me, they laugh me say that bukit tabur i am the leading, but at FRIM , i become the last ... =.=||| , okok..i admit that ...
Opss..renovation? There is bridge that you can walk thru and enjoy the view of the jungle, but i stay here so long, i doing walk that bridge before
dang dang...dont look down the lake.... there is some big fish ..we call it 金龙鱼, damm big size and expensive. Last time after i jogging, i will come here for step on the rock...i dont know this call what...踩石。。hehe

So all the best to your guys, i will find my way to train my stamina while i at bangkok. See you guys at 28/10 ...gambateh

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