Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sunday Part 1 - Siam Paragon & MBK

After visited The Grand Palace, we went back to BTS Saphan Taksin, and take BTS to Siam City station. Actually we just pass by around 5 station, but the trip cause me 30THB , expensive than malaysia :D, but ok la...not much people compare LRT =.=
Other funny thing, because i dont have the small changes, so i go to the counter and pay the notes, and the staff give me money... ( Because i thought she pay me the balance, so i waiting there), then she look at me again =.= ||| then i just notice that the purpose of the counter is change small coins, not buying ticket =.= deng...
hahaha..comfortable ~ not much people. Got tv also. But is for advertisment purpose, the thai advertisment is funny, very mou lei tao...
Dang dang, we reach Siam Paragon..
Siam Paragon is on Rama I Road in Pathum Wan district, and is adjacent to other shopping areas. It is next door to Siam Center and Siam Discovery Center and opposite Siam Square.
MBK Center is nearby. An elevated walkway beneath the Bangkok Skytrain tracks links Siam Paragon to the Ratchaprasong intersection, where Central World Plaza, Gaysorn and several other shopping malls and hotels are located.

wahhhhhh...... Lamborghini Murciélago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audi MTM...........
Actually when i reach Siam Paragon, my camera is already out from battery =.=||| , so regret dont have a dslr. So some photo is taken by my roomate :D, thanks for him, richard aka chin hong.

water street?

Actually the Siam Paragon is something like Pavilion KL
MBK is like Sungai wang.. ehhehe ( MBK is just opposite of Siam Paragon)

The basement of Siam Paragon houses the Siam Ocean World, containing some small and large aquariums.
If my eyes dont have problem. The price should be 990THB !!!!!!!!!!! So i decide to give up, is too expensive my money all going into chutuchak already.
Hi John Aka Miao, i saw your friends ? Cousin? Or your species...hahaha, maybe you can sleep beside him if you come to bangkok :D


johntim said...

You are very lucky got a tour guide, little notebook bring u go jalan2. Last time I go... just visiting few places niah... haizzz

Enjoy !

Roxanne said...

you went to GUCCI shop no buy me a GUCCI ar?

Jennifer said...

You shouldn't have given up on Siam Ocean World. It's really awesome compared to what we have in MY. 990THB? Increased price already then. Last time I went it was only 450THB.