Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sunday Part 1 - Grand palace,Bangkok

Yeah la la la... tomorrow is a public holiday at thailand. Quite touching when i go to read what is the public holiday. It call Chulalongkorn Day, a public holiday to commemorate King Rama V who started to do a lot of things like a first hospital, railways, post office, abolished etc.

I just wonder, do our king or sultan go to visit any place? How many time they took a KTM or LRT per year. Now i just relieazed that why thai citizen so respect their king than their prime minister.

Well, last saturday i went to chatuchak , then the next day (Sunday) , i went to Grand Palace and the city of bangkok, got shopping centre, like siam paragon and MBK :) Because this is the final week i will stay at bangkok. I wil back to KL this saturday. Really enjoy myself on bangkok, and working environment too.

Because i keep hit those stupid setting on the program...waste my time, but i really learn lots of problem solving and knowledge too..hahahahhaa....gain a lots...

okok better stop talking i pronounce you the "Grand Palace"...dang dang dang~

We take a boat from Sathorn pier where near the BTS Saphan Taksin, you can buy ticket on the counter, but that day they seem like not allow us to buy the one way ticket to Tha Tien Pier(The destination of Grand Palace), they sold us 2 ticket of one day river pass for unlimited ride for one day. Cost me 125THB per ticket.

But after go to in the boat, we just notice that there is a staff selling one way ticket, you just tell him where you want to go, then they will give you a ticket for the destination you want to reach. HAiii...kena cheat... the ticket from sathorn to Tha Tien just 30THB ( if 2 way, just 60THB)...damm it. But i got free guide book and map la... =.=||| , i can get this kind of thing at hotel , free somemore.
Because there was a raining at the morning, so the jetty has been flood. So we need to take off our shoes and walk out =.=||| , lucky no shark there... hahaa
Remember if the Tuk Tuk driver ask you for bringing you around, u just say
NO NEED! So how to walk to grand palace??? you will know...ahahhaa... ok la.. you will see a batch from people going to jetty direction, and a batch a people walking toward to another direction... aiiii..just follow the most people going, then is correct jor :D , you need to walk around 10 minute.
You no need to pay entrance fees if you are from thailand ..hahaha foreign need to pay
When i go to counter, i give the staff 6 x 10 THB coin, the staff looking and me =.= after that i only realize is 600THB ( Expensive nya) ..... The wall has describe about the story of thailand.
This is call Phra Siratana Chedi

Phra Si Ratana Ched Erected in 1855 by King Rama IV, the Main Stupa contains relics of the Buddha and is regarded as the most sacred of all stupa in the Royal Chapel.

The bell-shaped stupa, with a series of ascending circular mouldings and four porticoes with miniature stupas on top, was built in imitation of one of the three stupas at Wat Phra Si Sanphet, the Royal Chapel in the Grand Palace at the former capital, Ayutthaya. It was later covered with golden mosaic tiles imported from Italy at the command of King Rama V.

Royal Patheon
The Royal Pantheon was constructed during the reign of King Rama IV in 1855. He intended to place the Emerald Buddha here but the building was not completed until after his death. His successor, King Rama V, considered the building too small to accommodate the congregation at royal ceremonies so the Emerald Buddha was not placed in this building. A small gilt stupa belonging to King Rama IV was placed there instead.
People is praying....
Everywhere is gold....
COol......i shoot around 100 photo here, until my digital camera no more battery. So regret didn't buy a DSLR since bangkok has so much place for me to shoot :(
There is a map for you, so you can know where are you now :D

Many people take photo...because is was special and unique

This place call "The Royal Thai Decorations And Coins Pavilion"..

The Royal Thai Decorations and Coin Pavilion displays exotically designed coins and other monetary exchange units used in Thailand since the early 11th century AD. It is located within the compound of the Grand Palace, on the right hand side before entering the Palace's inner gate.

In the same building, adjacent to the coin collection, is a display of royal regalia, decorations and medals. Most of the items in the collection were used by former royal courts and include some valuable gold artifacts and intricately crafted items.

The outlook ...quite big also, like a castle.

And i saw this..wahahhaha...that day is quite hot. When i saw him, i straight way and go to him..
ME : Hi, can i take a photo with me??
HIM: ...........
(After finish...)
ME: Thanks very much

Geng !!!!!!!!! he never move one, i dont know how he do it... if you ask me stand 1 hour like that, i die give you see...

After the visit, we back to
Sathorn. We took a BTS and continue our journey to bangkok city for lunch and shopping ... window shopping :)

Be Continue part 2....
Holiday tomorrrow..yappie !!


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