Sunday, 5 October 2008

Boom boom bom~

I think i must keep a record how many wedding dinner i going to attend this year 2008
This year
1.Yuen wah -March
2.Yee Chenn -27 th September
3.Yao Hui - 5th october
4.Wai Sheng - 19 October
5.Mei Wah - 18 October ( faint jor.... 1 week 2 dinner..)
6.Chin Loh - 30 November
7.Cousin - Somewhere November
8.Siew Kean - 19 November ( if i not mistake)
9.Moh Herng-25 December (if i not mistake)
10.Chui Fong - December too.
11. Tiffanny ( 31 Mei) wallet can start to keep fit, phew...seem like everyone is moving to next level of their life. Is really happy that to attend my friend wedding dinner and i quite jealous on their lovely and sweet life.

I am still enjoy my single life, when i gonna married? Dont know...maybe not so soon... maybe currently i really dont need any commitment to anyone. I still like walking around and travel.

Happy wedding and congratulate to all my friends, really wish your guys successful find your true love and happy forever.

Just meet up my best friends, Gigi wong who is going to training to Hong kong on this coming monday 6th october, and if success, she maybe have contract with Cathay Pacific for 3 year as stewardess.

So really hope you can enjoy your flight for the period, explore and see around the world. hehe , all the best ok? Miss you girl. As you say
no longer 温室里的小花,i wanna b the 灿烂的太阳花
( Next time only take photo with you ok, just now we too bz entertain people until forget ..hahah )


johntim said...

really alot boom ...

scary wey...

Siu KeOnG said...

when ur turn??haha

Karen4ever said... geng many BOOM at one year....scary scary~~
uncle..when is ur turn???dun be so gay lar~~~~~~

Siu KeOnG said...

yaya...karen4ever, quite impressive you come to visit me...

because my gang all 25 year old, is time to sell out already...

I am very MAN, not gay la..

Super Chu Chai said...

Eh Siu Keong, you got Siew Kean & Moh Herng wedding dates wrong lar...

Siew Kean - 29th November 2008
Moh Herng - 27th December 2008

ps: and its not becaused of age then marry lar fren nor its time to sell out :p.. its becaused marriage is good ;) tats why marry.. hahaha

Siu KeOnG said...

ahhh who are u !~~ super chu chai...okok i correct back later..