Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I will went to bangkok and KK

Latest plan news.....!!!!!!!!!!!
13/10-25/10 to Bangkok working

28/10-2/11 i will go Kota Kinabalu for vocation

Really thanks lots to my boss and my director....i will work better than cow next time :D
So johntim, all the best for your flight to dubai, sure will miss you this kindly and fat roommate...
dont forget share your time for separate...hopefully we can find 1 day capture photo with dlsr :D

Sorry for mei wah, hui shien, angel , wei shien...cannot attend and celebrate your birthday and wedding, i will brought some souvenir when i at bangkok.....hope you all will forgive me...

I going to KK at 28/10 - 2/11

Boss need me onsite at bangkok at 13/10- 7/11 ( at least 1 month there)
Company can pay back my payment for my KK trip, but i tell my boss say i dont want...
i want go kk....

Choose kk:
1. Because already plan this trip for half year ago, very excited to go..
2. Go with a group of friends.
3. Have train my stamina and ready for it.
4. I need a rest and hang out with friend..

Choose Thailand
1. Career, a chance for me.. as learning path
2. Got $$ earn.
3.hmm...can walk around treat as holiday trip also(cheating myself)...
4. Boss will forgive me, and love me more ( i guess)

which one i should choose.......My manager still dealing with my boss....tomorrow let see how...
Decision still on me... 50% 50% now...
i very confuse and uncomfortable......


Roxanne said...

kk la
u stillhave time to learn more thing on work
just gambatea la

wei shien said...

aiks!! u going leave when 13.10.2008 orh?? den how bout my birthday celebration na?? u couldn't attend edi lu?? sad sad.... cry ;(

Siu KeOnG said... sorry..tmr i will know...let u know ya

Roxanne said...

*wei shien* the problem is not on your birthday celebratetion larr dude~
he gotta make the decision between kk and bangkok larr
not scarlet or sanctuary
=.=||| *sweat*
*siu keong*
you said you need some rest
so no need think
KK lar~

Johntim said...


In the middle... I wish today will have a good result for u... Gam Ba Teh !

Siu KeOnG said...

I think wei shien, dont understand english or she dont know my feeling gua....because she nv have chance to drop on this kind situation

JohnTim, you always is my best bro ~

wei shien said...

oo... im the childish....~~~
i jus drop the comment for kacau kacau, but let both of u ejek like tis.... haiz..... =(

wei shien said...

really disappointed while read those comment na... haiz [damn no mood]
but... i read someone post that will buy me souvenir, den i forgive u 30% na...!! after u r Malaysia, muz celebrate wit me again orh!! =P

Siu KeOnG said...

To: wei shien, i no say u childish pun...ya..will celebrate with you again when i back :D , no worry be happy....without me sun will will rise, moon still will show still will smile :D

johntim said...

Everything settle... really great to hear that... which god u pray ah? hahaha...

Appreciate how boss treat u =)

I will enjoy working trip to dubai :p

Dessert, Camel and Ninja =)

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Eh Siu keong...if u go bangkok...dont naughty naughty tau...i know there got alot of entertainment....=p

Siu KeOnG said...

hahaha ...funny la u john,
dubai got Dessert, Camel and Ninja =)
Thailand got ah kua, sexy girl and tomyam :D

Will miss you there,i come back i buy dlsr and go explore with you ya

yea..i very guai chai, that y boss ask me go..because john go there will notty notty...hahahah so me is more safe :D

wei shien said...

Promise lur~~
Muz celebrate my birthday while u r back na!!
Den i waiting u back le!! hehe...
without u my sun will no rising up, the moon show up but feeling damn lonely dear~ lolz [jk]
When be with u, my smile will still keep but angry was still appear, cos u always bully me.... =(

Siu KeOnG said...