Sunday, 12 October 2008


Yesterday was my chinese lunar birthday....phew...honestly i really dont know how to look at chinese lunar , i just follow my actual birthday and celebrating. So this time, i will celebrate my birthday at bangkok, hehe....first time celebrate at oversea.

Little Notebook as promose i will spent you guys and have a drink at state tower 63 floor.

So yesterday i had spent sometime on research what kind of food that i can have dinner with my family, after some review, i choose ~食全食美
It allocate near kepong carefour, quite impressive that there are a lots restaurant at that area. Maybe i too long not explore at kepong area already. I went there around 9 pm, and the shop is empty customer, my mother asking me, "
are you sure that you want to try it?"
No choice, i believe on review, and let have a try on it. hehe....i order
xiu long pao, got 2 type, 1 is seafood, other is bat kut teh. hehe i just try the seafood only. The quality not lose than dragon-i or crystal jade. And it only RM4.90 for 1 basket.
糖醋魚──RM18.90( Spicy and sour), i think the price is depend on the size of the fish
La zi ji” 乐山辣子鸡 Very crispy…not that really spicy, i prefer eat this than 鸡丁 at Hainan. Not bad la...Nice :D RM12.90.
And we order a
古鲁肉,just normal for me , nothing is special :D (around Rm14.90)
sizzing seafood tau fu....the tau fu is nice~very soft and juicy, but not much seafood around....
(around RM18.90,guess only because i throw away the resit)

If you spent above Rm100,they will give you a coupon, after you collect 3 coupon, you can exchange some gift, like wine.

Quite suprise me, that they give me a free gift of cd, haha...original one, my mom say is the winner of the astro singing oldies competitor winner :D * sweat

Will be revisit again and try their mee... hehe

Thanks a lots for masahumi who guide me to the place..ahahah..cham, am i really stay at kepong?

食全食美 華夏美食舘
22, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:03-6257 3606

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johntim said...

wah ask u say got nice food or not... always reject me... say kepong no good food.. but at the end post so much nice food... liar :p

dont want belanja say dont want belanja la... lalala