Monday, 12 February 2007

Eyes of Malaysia

Here is some pic that i took at titiwangsa.

Highlights of the International WaterSky Spectacular include the unique Eye On Malaysia viewing wheel, imaginative images on screens of water, mesmerizing laser beam sequences, awesome pyrotechnics, choreographed water ski performances, breathtaking wave rider stunts

(You can see this at the main door)

(Union Ring + jagung )
( mesmerizing laser beam sequences)

( Just wonder, why the light for one of the gondolas is gone)

( firework..yea.....)
I being there at sunday, there is a lots of Chinese too. So no need worry pf your personality secure.
The firework show ,imaginative images on screens of water, mesmerizing laser beam sequences are started at 9.30Pm, but i saw newspaper mention is 9pm.
The firework display only at friday , saturday and sunday.
So i suggest that better to stay more than 10 minute after the firework show and let all the people go home , then only you go home. Because the trafic is quite jam.

There is some complain that i saw , feel free try to read

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