Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Phuket trip... count down 3 days

Phuket !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to fly to phuket this friday 12.45pm by air asia...I will stay for 5 days 4 night.
This few month, quite busy with project and work like a cow. Hopefully tomorrow my project can successfully end. And prepare my mood for holiday.

So after read some review and research, based on our budget and need, I has make a hotel booking at WHITE SAND RESORTEL. The White Sand Resortel is located conveniently located close to the centre of Patong, less than 2 minutes walk to Patong beach and around 5 minutes walk to the nightlife centre of Bangla road. Drive time from Phuket International Airportis roughly 40 mins.

It cost me 950 Thai batt per night, so is around RM 96.
( Sample of the room , hope i no get cheat by it)

Today just go to mid valley for money changing, and i found the price is cheaper compare with sungai wang. The Shop call MV Forex. 100 thai bath for RM10.12.

(I will be more happy, if this is RM :P )

And i brought a backpack for my trip, to store shirt, underwear, shoes, food, drink, present, and bikini(kidding).

The things i plan to do at Phuket

1. Go to the beach and look for bikini girl or Nude girls :D ....hahaa

2. SeaCanoe/kayak -best means of exploring these highly sensitive environments. You get close up to geological formations;fauna and flora yet still enjoy the peaceful ambience that has always existed in nature

3. Elephant treking- Sitting on the elephant :D

4. Fantasea Show -the theatrical show employes elaborate sets, gorgeous costumes, and plenty of special effects to bring Thailand’s rich heritage and regional charms to life. But the fun doesn’t end there. With a monster buffet for you and 4,000 of your closest friends, plus shopping, games, and carnivals in the village, amazement and wonder never cease at Phuket FantaSea.

5.Bungy Jump Phuket - Why? Because i want to be 笨猪.

Still looking for more information on the trip, i wish i can enjoy and fully ultimate use the 5 days in phuket.


wk said...

Awaiting your photos...

Siu KeOnG said...

wk, what type of photo u wan???? hahaha...can define category?