Monday, 1 October 2007

Home Town Steamboat, cheese fondue

Yesterday, i went to the shop "Hometown steamboat" and try the cheese fondue. Well, the cheese fondue is out of my expectation, just a simply claypot and put in some cheese then let it boil.I select chicken and fish meat for cheese fondue, + chicken wing .Honestly, the size of the meat is small.
Boiling...yum yumTaste is nice ! but the cheese is too litter.
The size for the fondue is small only. And the waiter say the fondue actually is suitable for appetizer. There is other steamboat like porridge, soup and tomyam.
So, i just spend RM30 for cheese fondue + 2 pair of chicken wings and drink:D

It is opposite of Public bank, and same rows with kenny roger :D


Anonymous said...

wah... eat eat eat
y r u still look slim >_<

Siu KeOnG said...

uh? Who are u? Slim? My tayar become bigger....just you didn't see it only....