Thursday, 25 October 2007

Phuket - 3rd Days, Eco Nature Tours

This is the program for today. Sound very execited.

So 1st destination, we arrived at Gibbon Rehabilitation Projects. And the tour guide say that there are only 30 ++ gibbon is leave at phuket. So they do take some action to save them.

This is the cycle of the gibbon'life . The process to save back from killing by people.

You can adopt a gibbon if you interest.

The gibbons in playing around. At there, you can meet with a lots of volunteers who working with the gibbons project. I do meet a volunteer guy from finland who already stay at thailand for 2 years. And now he can listen and speak with some simple thai language. And he do enjoy his life on helping the gibbons.

Next we walking into BangPae WaterFall-Bang Pae Waterfalls is the largest falls in Phuket. It is located near the north part of Phuket, close to the Two Heroines Monument .
The waterfall. Feel cold there.

After that we move to the GEMS gallery -
The first jewellery store in Thailand that have received the international ISO 9002 and ISO 9001:2000. Gems Gallery is situated in four major cities, Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket and Pattaya. Each branch has a specific jewellery masterpiece and gems to choose from. Our staffs are willing and welcome to serve you.

Inside the factory, you can see the process of how to make a diamond ring or necklace. Currently i dont have the ability yet. We just sit at the living hall and have some drinks.
Next trip....
Yeah... elephant trekking. Honestly i feel very very very guitly when i put my first step on the back of the elephant. Imagine a 75kg giant step on you. How your feeling? :(
But the elephant have a thick skin and it hair is rough.
And you can see the person is holding a big bamboo stick, he will bite on the elephant head if the elephant is not listening to his instruction. So rude................ Sorry my litter elephant.

( Machine to make rubber)( Here is the final product of the rubber, the tour guide say the market now is good, it can sell at 70Batt per 1kg)

Next ....
( The monkey call Diamond, your can see his innocent look, feel like he give the people to force him make some entertaintment. )

(He can pick the number you want, and it can pick it when all the number plates are closing too)

Canoe at the dirty longkang water....
Really feel myself get cheat on the canoe.....somemore it is 1pm, and is damm hot!!!!
No fish, no crocodile , no bird....just an about 10 minute trip.
And the water is not deep, i even can stand and walk myself
So is lunch time !!!!!!!!!!
( I like the rice, very sweety)
( The curry chicken with coconunt source)

Next...........( Snap on the pussy cat sleeping at the templer, so cute)

Templer Wat Chalong, Finally there is a group photo for us

We have a 15 minute stop at the view point at Kata Noi Beach. It look nice.
(Police car on the road, better than malaysia.)

So, is another tired day for us. We go hotel have a rest and looking for dinner again. Today we really do enjoy on the rich programs.

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