Thursday, 29 January 2009

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ One Utama

我真係可爱!!! 我系少女!! 我要吃雪糕!!! Just watch the movie of All well ends well, overall acceptable and comedy. I just little memory of the previously movie, just less the mou lei tou 周星驰. Just feel that only 古天乐 & 吴君如 is the main influence character to bring up the comedy of the movie. A movie must watch during the moo moo year.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
Had been pass by this cafe everyday in One Utama, but i never visit to this shop before. Thanks for Emily, really not doubt that the chocolate/drinks is really scrumptious and the price is reasonable. The lounge is at great atmosphere, relaxing and comfortable. It would be my next place to indulge myself during weekends.

Believe me , the price for the choc drinks/fondue is worth than Starbuck. Although i always visit starbuck/Coffee bean, but this time i really found a truth place for visiting.
I order a Ice Mocha (RM10.90, cheaper than starbucks :)
A cold Mocha concoction with beautiful swirls chocolate inside the grass. This Belgian iced mocha beverage is made with coffee and chocolate with a scoop of premium chocolate ice cream.
At the bottom of the grass, you really can found there is few coffee bean. Do i ate it? Yeap~ i do try to eat, it a other kind of feeling to taste a new things.
Lilian, you should try it, since you are the one who eat the coffee bean at office ~haha.

Fair lady order by Emily (RM9.90) ,
You also can order that come with a mug and warmer (RM12.90). So you can always keep the warm of the drink and enjoy the primitive taste of the drinks.
Another specialist food of theobrama, is the chocolate founde =Chocolate Affair (RM 25.90), It came with strawberry bananas, oranges and kiwi fruit. The fruit is fresh and delicious. Try to imagine the taste mix up chocolate with strawberry.The melted chocolate inside the warmer is very dense, you really can taste the truth flavor of the Belgian chocolate.I still cannot forget the taste of it. Will visit next time for other drinks~
Yummy, i love chocolate and coffee.....
Theobroma Chocolate Lounge a great place for sweet tooth, there is other branch at Pavilion KL and Bangsar Village

Call for enquiries.
Bangsar Village at 03-2284 9072
Pavilion KL at 03-2143 4149
1 Utama at 03-7725 0623


johntim said...

You fat already... dont eat so much chocolate liao ! Hehehe Gong Xi Fat Chai from Dubai

Siu KeOnG said...

okok..try to keep fit, u too fat man

Lilian said...

auyong..yeah...i like it!i still remember u owe me coffee noh...oklar..u belanja me this.. :))

Siu KeOnG said...

hahaa...ah lian , you like it ar? Maybe you can try the drinks with your driver...

I belanja also can. If you got the time...ask ur driver together, but i wont pay for him lor..hahaa

johntim said...

driver? or lover? wahahah !

Lilian said...

bo ho chio.. (~_~)

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