Friday, 28 November 2008

3rd day Part 2 - Finally we reach Low Peak at Mount Kinabalu !

Time Start our climbing from Starting point: 2.30am
Time Reach at low peak (The highest peak at mount kinabalu) : 6.30am
Total time use : 4 hour 15 min~

Time Start our went down from lodge :11.15am
Time Reach at Timpohon : 4.00pm ( Raining, but we use 1 hour for 2km journey)
Total time use : 5 hour 45 min~

Had been busy recently, no time update my blog :(
Ya..continue back the story, previous story i mention after we had our dinner, we went back our lodge to have a sleep, and will process our journey at 2.30am

I cannot sleep well that night, because it is cold and i also get fever. Just take some panadol and thanks for Shally give me a tea ( Recharge energy one) . I wearing 1 t-shirt, 1- long john, 1 jacket and socks ,but i still feel freezing ..... really is a tough night for me. 2.30 am , everyone is starting at the starting point and climbing up for the low peak on mount kinabalu. Is better that you carry the head light which can lighting around 1 or 2 meter. Else is dangerous for you.
This is really testing your willpower and stamina. The hill is 80 degree , i walk 20 step then rest 2 or 3 minute, then continue walk again. Really is an unforgettable experience for me. Remember bring along your chocolate and rasin.

Almost morning, finally we can know how terrible is the road. The wind is strong and blow againts your face. I starting feel sleepy and tired, and i had a snapping at a small hole. Thanks for irene wake me up, else i think i will continue sleep. haha

Here come~
This is the Most Highest peak at Mount Kinabalu, i had reach there around 6.30am ! arhhhh...
we just able to taking 1 or 2 photo, because the place is quite narrow and small. Until now, i still can remember the feeling.... feel want to cry ~~~>.<~~~ This is the way to the low peak...terribe right? Try to click on the photo and enlarge it..ahaha..
That time i was asking myself "This is the way i went thru???? ...OMG...fxck"
Totally is tough, your willpower and mental need to be strong enough to overcome the situation. The word always appear out from my mind " Dont Panic, think positive"
2 hero is shouting....~ I HAD CONQUERED MOUNT KINABALU !!!!!!!!!!!!
Now i see back the photo, my leg also become soft..... hahaa 脚软。。。
wahhh...the wind blow so strong~ my hair also can stand now ..hahah photo time, ehh why got shoes one? ( Mr su ..your leg is appear in our photo la )
Too happy, don't know how to express the feeling, feel proud , feel good, feel confident, feel touching....many many feel ~
Guys, we had success ~ quite touching.... Because Mr su say that not every chinese able to reach the low peak and able to reach at the half hill ( Labah Rata ) in common timing, really appreciate the word from Mr su. Thanks again for your compliment and accompany us along the way...
Thanks Mr su, you really a nice and friendly guide....You both girl not good la...Give Mr su carry 10kg beg.... aiii....pei si you both ( I think you both also come to visit my blog one la...hahah...i can say watever i like )
Going down~ going home ~ yea..... leg still shaking....
I really cannot imagine that just now how i climb up by this road!!!
Saw the little house? You need to show ur ID card and register before you went up to low peak.

There is 1 or 2km i went down with wearing the slippers, thanks lots john for the slipper. Because the size of the adidas shoes just abit tight for me, it make my feet pain when going down.

Unfortunately , the time we went down, there was a heavy rain...hahaa... really panic ~ we wearing our raining coat and run~hahah imagine we run 2 km in 1 hour~hahah...really is damm fast. And the Tempohon consists a lots of stair.... bamboo also broken~ because i use it more often. haha

Dang dang dang~~~ really feel proud of it and touching ~
You will get 2 cert. One is when you reach the low peak , other is the way you came up from.

Because the time that we went down is too late, we not able to visit the Hot Spring : ( quite disappointed until now :(

Almost dead after back hotel.... somemore the tiffanny break promise because she oversleep and not able to meet up with me ~~ arrrhhh i remember this case until now~hahhaa

Next day will going to pulau manukan... really feel want to die, my leg totally no more

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tomatoaid said...

Did you bring your DSLR with you when you climb the mountain? If yes, did you feel it was a bit heavy and wished you had something smaller?