Sunday, 21 December 2008

Had been emotion for a week...

Again, now i alone at OneU starbuck , listening music , do my jobs, try to create some mood for myself, else my senior going to kill me.

Last week is a bad week for me, everyone is scare of my and not dare disturb me when saw my personal display message at MSN. Combination of personal issue and working pressure make myself become tension. And i had been insomnia for a week, almost sleep at 2 or 3am, not sure why it happen to me again.

Nowday just try to listen some music while i sleep. Last week just done appraisal when my manager, some improvement that i need to be concern.

1. try to improve knowledge in management and technical
2.try to adapt in any situation. Thing may changes anytime.

hmmm..maybe he right, i may need to use sometime to adapt one environment. I not a smart personal, my learning process is abit slow. I think need to find some way to improve and learn to handle the problem. Some motivation? not sure..... cannot find anyway to motivate myself, i am easy to give up easily nowday, i no longer like last time, like challenge, hate to be give up, try many way to make jobs done.

I think i need to say sorry to "someone" again. Hope she can forgive me on what i did. ( I not make people pregnant ar...plz dont misunderstanding). Just feel sorry and don't know how to handle, but i will learn from mistake and learn not to be urge take some action.

Sometime i really not understand girl, is it every girl don't know to appreciate the effort? I really feel tired and boring. Its has been 1 year break up with you, not sure which date, but i can remember is end of decemeber. But you still are same, maybe we are stay in different type of world, you never know about me, and i never understand you.

White Christmas at One Utama, i like White Christmas . I had been invite by some friend go to BBQ and go clubbing during Christmas eve. I really not sure where am i that time, if my problem settle, i will going to penang and attend my friend wedding. Or maybe i will be alone at starbuck again..... hahaha.. just follow my mood on where to go.

Merry Christmas~~


Irene said...

Can felt u reli unhappy last week.anyway,wish u can settle u problem soon n enjoy u trip at penang.if no activity join me lah,dun alone at starbuck.vry charm.come on,smile siu keong :)

Roxanne said...

maybe you go into "geng nian qi" early..=P
just joke
relax,you tension too much

anyway,you sure that "someone" sure see you blog?
i guess she will forgive you
don't worry =)

human's mind are complicated
not you don't understand other people only
all of us in the world also can't know what other people thinking
so human need communicate
i don't know why she did that but i guess she just not meant to do it

last,relax yourself and do what you want to do =)
good luck

Siu KeOnG said...

thanks guys, i really settle my thing. Still abit moody, because i lost a friend.

i will smile again, but give me sometime :D

Sorry to make you all worry, i am fine :D

Tiffanny said...

hi friend, long time no see le...Suddenlly go to view your blog, starbuck again...@@..

aiyo, dun be too tension la, everything also can settle 1.

everything will going better 2molo.

Try to put down la!!!

Take Care...

Karen said...

i know u can de...GAMBATEH!!^^

Siu KeOnG said...

hi tiffanny !! wahh..become boss also come to visit me, so touching..haha, i am fine, just express out, i already settle, disappear and no contact then only can become back friend...take care ya. miss u so much la....

Thanks karen, u too, dont emo too much.hahaha

Butterflyzdreamer said...

keep on smiling~ there will always be a rainbow to see u thru...take care siu keong

joey said...

No one in charge of ur happiness except YOU. Gambatte...:)
Time heals almost everything wor...

Siu KeOnG said...

Hi Butterflyzdreamer, nowday no rainbow, because keep raining :D, thanks anyway.

johntim said...

Yes you need motivate yourself to do better.

You can do it... it just matter of time.

Love takes time to heal when you hurt it so much... Trust me... time will heal your broken heart.