Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas~金狗表..金狗表..金狗哦特尾

Merry Christmas to everyone~ This year i not hang out to every shopping centre and visit their decoration. haha, recently quite busy on job and personal matters. Whatever, it already go smooth~Decoration from KLCC, seem like every year is the same~hahaha
White Christmas from Pavilion, i like it.
I like this the most~ One Utama. I like white Christmas so much.

Where i am going tonight? A friend party, but is abit tension & nervous to me, is time to test my communication skill since i everyday only talk to PC. Hope i can overcome it,
Foong yee, you are right ~"make something diff to your life sometimes..."

Merry Christmas to everyone , have a precious time with your family, friends and love one.


Roxanne said...

merry merry christmas~
bring more leng lui back home lar~ XDD

Siu KeOnG said...

bring girl home for what...sot ar u. Merry Christmas :D

johntim said...

go meet some nice chicks ?? hahaha great ! hope you enjoy ! merry xmas