Saturday, 27 December 2008

Have a special Christmas eve~

Cruizy thanks for the invitation to the funny and special Christmas eve party. Is a wonderful night and let me see the different kind of celebration with Brazillian and other country models~
Waoo... feel want to try their Brazillian's food, but i quite full ~
Robson, the muscle guy with white shirt, teach us play a card game call "siup siup", when you get the certain card , you need to perform certain action. The loser, drink a small bowl of whiskey. Stupid cruizy lose few time , then me become the innocent guy to help her share abit. Drink few time, i already feel high =.=
from right ~Sherrei, Shyhua, Cruizy, Mathew and me ~You guys are friendly and awesome~Nice to meet you.
What everyone is looking?

hehe...Yup is music time~ i like their way of playing guitar~
I not good in posting. see how the model post~hahaa...ok Cruizy, i promise i wont show the "vince" ( V ) again. I will learn to be MAN.
Waller, a handsome guy ~but abit shy....He is taller than me and handsome~~hahha...all the best to you at Singapore~

Nice to meet you guys, thanks for giving me a warm christmas eve~
Then Cruizy and me went up to genting highland at 2am, i also not sure what wrong with me~Maybe in drunk mood and still awake~ it was 3am, still so many people walking around, WTF.
Starbuck always my choice when i at genting~Dark Cherry Mocha Fracuppuccino~ehhh....taste ok ok was a damn cold night, i just wearing a T-shirt~

Thanks cruizy, i will keep your advice~ I will make some achievement for myself.
1. Keep fit + build body muscle
2. Walk with confident
3. No more V
4. Keep cool~
5. Try don't be so IT look !

Reach home at 6.00am, and sleep.....then 2pm, go to genting AGAIN !!!!!!!!!! With Johntim and 3 pretty angel~ i can die soon....


Anonymous said...

Please stop your self-promoting!
I'm so sick of hearing that!
I'm sure Waller is taller than you!
As what i've seen in Waller's farewell yesterday,Jeronimo's height is same with Jack which is 188cm,Waller is TALLER than Jeronimo & Jack.
I'm sure you got drunk...

Siu KeOnG said...

do i look like promoting myself?
you are damn funny lor...
u better beware..dare to say so much, dont dare to write your name ar? Cruizy~~~~~~

johntim said...


Nice party hah ! :p Why not call me de? Hehehe...

2 pretty angel go back jor... =)

Siu KeOnG said...

Johntim, call you because u busy with those angel ma..

Roxanne said...

wow, you got a nice christmas eve
congrat congrat!