Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Trip to Pulau Pangkor

Pulau Pangkor...!!!
Last saturday, i just went to pulau pangkor with my dear colleagues. Just enjoy and have good memory there, however it just only 2 days 1 night.

We start our journey on saturday morning 9am, and we went to bidor for the famous " duck leg mee", this is my first time , and also my is last time. I am a person addicted to chicken, but not duck :P , i think the cha siew and siew yuk should better than this.

( bidor famous duck leg mee)

Unfortunately, my boss's car have a leak on his tayar, after changed a new tayar at tayar shop, we continue our journey to pangkor, it was a damm hot day.

We spend around 4 hour and reach to jeti at lumut.
Not sure why the reason my boss take my pic in angle, just look depression. Actually i just want to relax up myself la. Seldom got a chance to leave out the busy city.

Finally we reach pulau pangkor, we took a van and bring us to our resort, Coral bay resort. After a rest and our lunch, we walk to the beach. Look nice from the far view, but there is a lots die fish beside the sand and on the water, what a disgusting . But still got visitor dare to swim.

We decide to have a walk to other side which is more cleaner. Just abit dissapointed about the beach, maybe the reason i had visited to Pulau Perhentian, so have camparison with this 2 place

* Pangkor beach *
* Perhentian Beach *

Sunset or sunrise? Guess yourself :P I spent KFC

* Happy Feet , Smile~ *

Next photo, please be prepare your eyes and heart to see, is abit scary. I just try to close the light and put as wallpaper on my pc........i also feel scary...@.@


* king gamble lost game at "pick tortoise"

Thanks for woo, tai and hui cheng took those memory picture , of course our responsible driver, tc and tai. It was execited to have fun with you guys.