Monday, 27 November 2006

Working life to , Menara Haw Par

Well, i have been working in my new company more than 3 months. But still got people ask me where i work. Hmm...let me take sometime to explain about my journey to my office.

8:03am in the morning, i take the ktm full with International passenger, Why i say so? Because inside this train, include--> Malay, Chinese,Indian,Myanmar,Indonesian,Bangladesh and South Africian. It is hot and smelly @_@

After 20 -25 minute arrived at KL sentral,Walk about 8-10 minute to KL sentral Monorail, and go to Bukit Nanas station

And walk about 8-10 minute again( If you everyday walk like this, sure you can be slim) , and you will see this building

Yeap...this is Menara Haw Par, It is between Caltex Petrol Station and Shrang ri la hotel. So, if everything is going smoothly, probably i can reach my office before 9am. The office is at 20 floor, the KL tower is behind at this building.

So what did i take
Ktm(kepong sentral) - ( KL sentral) =RM1.40
Monorail ( KL sentral)- (Bukit Nanas) =RM2.10

When i going back to home,.i use other way,which is faster compare in morning and save litter cost
LRT(Dang Wangi) - ( KL sentral) =RM1.60
Ktm ( KL sentral) - (Kepong sentral) =RM1.40

P/s: During the hour i go back home, the KTM in KL sentral, always delay... The highest record, i has been waiting for 1 hour...This incident was happen to me for many time, what can KTM do? Minta maaf sahaja....but not improve the services.I totally disappointed to this kind of attitude.

Any lawyer here? Just want to ask , if the train is not punctualon time, can i claim back my money and pay the loss on my time? Hehe....


Anonymous said...

mr. siukeong, change working area lah since kepong got quite many jobs neh

Anonymous said...

y dun u use the LRT for ur way to work ler.. since its cost cheap ma.. hehehe

Siu KeOnG said...

Because is hard to go inside to the LRT in KL sentral. Too many passenger le, from PJ kelana Jaya to KL sentral, the train already "collect" many ppl. Monorail is the 1st station so is more faster.

Siu KeOnG said...

kepong no IT company la...Supermartket got lots..lolx

joshuaongys said...

change job lar!!! become sardin not nice...

Siu KeOnG said...

joshuaongys said.
Yalo..not sardin with leng lui, pity. Change job? u intro me la.

Anonymous said...

then how bout drive to work ler ???
y dun u drive to work ??