Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Back to Hainan after 3 week at KL @@

七点的飞机,我三点半就起床了。四点出发,大概五点十五分到达机场。我的同事5点就到了。还正不好意思。 我们白白用了一个小时多来排队check in. 我也不晓得为什么这样多人旅游到海南。恐怖死了。 6.30am才check in 完,then就快快去吃Mcdonald,我咖啡也没喝完,就跑去boarding 了。
整个飞机都满人,很多aunty uncle.晕掉。。。。。

So we reach around 10.30 am , then we go back hotel and go to find colleagues for lunch, haha, actually quite miss them, i stay at KL too boring. At last johntim can make joke around. Really is damn tired. I really cannot sleep at plane, the environment is terrible. Aiii..i miss the china southern airline.

This raining season at China nowdays, and johntim say that the lychee at Hainan in quite nice. Red ,big and sweet. And the price is CHEAP. 1 kg for RMB6. haha, i have take one and test. Yup, it really sweet.Red or no? Nice neh.

We have to walk under the rain and go to have dinner. Is happy to back to hainan and work together with team member again. And welcome jacky join our team.

Okla..i have to rest a while. Tired like dog now. Jiak.


Butterflyzdreamer said...

Wah Lychee...why so cheap wan...got buy some for me or not?Dont just take pictures la..now u say u miss JT...too much of him u will want to faint also...hahhaa good luck =)

Siu KeOnG said...

JT say will buy some for you...haha,if he no buy, then u kill him la...

He ok ar..become more and more handsome jor

Johntim said...

Why always JT 1 ... hahaha

Already buy you some nice Lychee Butterflyzdreamer. Wait ya... by ship... abit late :) Trust me you will like it even though you like Longan more... Lychee here is different right siu keong?

Eh... Thank for promoting me har... I getting fatter and older... where got handsome :-s