Saturday, 28 June 2008

板桥海鲜 + 无核荔枝 Seedless Lyche

It is second time i visit to 板桥海鲜广场, i still remember first time when we take cab and reach the main entry, those stall people already hold my boss hand thru the taxi window, can you imagine? 4 ppl hold you hand and push you to their stall... if pretty girl, then i don't mind but they are not. haha, you can see from the photo, the people just park their car, a girl already come to persuade.
板桥海鲜广场 is a place famous with cheap seafood, there 2 side, one side is a market, other side is stall. After you choose the seafood you want, then you can send to the stall to cook. We usually go back to the same stall, because we need the boss help me to pick the fresh seafood, clarify the price and identify cheat case happen. :D Example : 在称海鲜之前记得把装海鲜的袋子弄破,否则里面的水会让你的钱包“缩水”。

Huge big market, you can ask for cheap price. All the seafood is fresh, and the hawker is rude too. If he already offer you the lowest price, and you don't want. They will show you "middle finger".hehe, you can show back them, but later they use crab or fish throw you , then don't blame me :D
The prawn is fresh. You know why? because it still got blood on his head after steam :D
I love the bamboo meat? Sorry 竹顺 call what in english, anyone know?

What is this again? I don't know. But taste good. RMB2 per piece.
Lala? Not bad. Very big one. hehe, around RM0.70 per piece.
The Sotong that we brought, the size is damm big. I tell you, we eat until mouth also tired, imagine you try to eat 10 piece of chewling gam. Why sotong steam? Then i have to blame my manager, he ask the chief cook follow by the chief's favor.#$%^&*^$#..... First in my life, i eat dinner eat until so tired. @@

After.......Guess how much we eat? Material + Cooking charges. Total around RM50 only, mean RMB100, i don't think we can get this price in KL.

2nd time visit..............................
This is the place where after you buy those material, then you bring ur material to the stall and cook for you. So they only charge you the cooking charges only. Dirty rite? hahaa...yes, it is dirty.

This time, we become smart already, we ask the boss , fried the sotong, the taste is better. YUMMY!!!!!!!!

What the hell is this? i really don't know. I call them "pajamas". I guess is some snail at the sea. Before that, the color is dark, now turn into pajamas. hahahahah

After we finish those seafood, we walk out and looking for cab. And we accidentally saw the Lychee hawker. And it is "SEEDLESS LYCHEE" !!!!!!!!!!! I am sure you guys never try this at malaysia, and it only sold at 500g = RMB4.
We buy 1.5kg. Just RMB12. hhahhaha....

Yummy, seedless lychee. It really sweet and juicy.. JohnTim, i keep some for you, remember come to my room and take :D


johntim said...

Eh, I quite miss the place that we eat all steam food hahaha... Chewing Gum hahaha I know what u mean.

Thanks for the lychees and I love kao you kao kao

Siu KeOnG said...

steam food? what steam food? where ooo...seafood izzit??? baka

you love lychees enuff, dun love kao me...c u tmr, welcome home.

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Wheres my portion of lychee?I dont have wan ah? =(

squall said...

i wan lychee!!!

Siu KeOnG said...

hi Butterflyzdreamer, i think you need to take from JT, the lychee will become more sweet if pass from his hand or mouth? haha

Hi,squall. Thanks for visit my blog again, Sorry that i cannot view your blog because china has block your domain website. hehe, if you want, u come hainan, i spent you eat. :D

joey said...

The seafood seem nice & delicious, YUMMY !!!

Siu KeOnG said...

Hi joey, joey hong or joey tey? Confusing, the seafood ar? ma ma dei only, but is cheap la, just some dishes is nice only , like the Scallop.

U come hainan la, i bring you go to eat, air asia got promotion now, fast fast go to grab one :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Siu Keong,
May I know is that seafood place located in Haikou city...
...very delicious looking and moreover the price damn cheap...

I'm planning to go there end of need the address...
beside that any nice cheap food in haikou too

Sher T

Siu KeOnG said...

Hi Sher T

The place call 板桥海鲜广场, Sorry, i dont have the address. You just tell the taxi that you want to go that place will do.

Beware of getting cheat, suggest you ask the cooker go to buy the material with you.

Price is cheap, delicious is so so only. Just you can try different type of food, and the place is abit messy if you dont mind.

Hmmm...other seafood place, not sure, there is some place beside the sea, but i not sure the price, i think you need to do more research :)

Enjoy your trip