Friday, 23 March 2007

B4U secondy match Ordinary vs NOW.. we win !

Yesterday we vs NOW team from cheras, we win at 60 vs 40. This is my first time playing the game under the rain. 1st quater, we do too many mistake at block enemy and make many fault ball ( 6-10),

2nd quater, we can better because i start enter the game, Just kidding. we finally success chase until 21-21, 3rd quater and last quater , we did play well , chang yee and ah tong mostly get many marks, beside that NOW team player did lots mistake also.

Finally we win at 60-40. Well done guys.
Nx game is on 29/03/07 930pm !!


tekko said...

hi there... didn't know you blogging also huh! congratulation for the match!

Siu KeOnG said...
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Siu KeOnG said...

Thanks tekko, of course you didnt notice me la..I not girls also.haha Just kidding. Why nowdays didnt blog any nice food...keep fit? hehe.