Friday, 30 March 2007

Kepong Baru , the place we practice

Kepong Baru , the place that we has training and practice.

It is just beside the SMK kepong baru.

Usually we play basketball during tuesday, or wednesday.

Had being play at here almost 2 years.

It is very good feeling to play at the night, because the sun is sleeping, the wind is blow over the court. Make us feel more energy and better mood compare playing at the morning.

Somemore , it is a good to relax myself after working hour.

This place which bring us a lots of funny story and unfortunately to many people ( because get injured of their leg, and of course many people eat '波饼' at there also) 哈哈


wk said...

Yeap, we also play futsal during nites. There is a time we tried on noon, ended up all gave up after 30-min, eventhough we are playing under shades. Hot temperature does affect stamina.

Siu KeOnG said...

Yea, play under a romantic moon is better under the red hot sun. haha