Friday, 30 March 2007

Kepong Baru , the place we practice

Kepong Baru , the place that we has training and practice.

It is just beside the SMK kepong baru.

Usually we play basketball during tuesday, or wednesday.

Had being play at here almost 2 years.

It is very good feeling to play at the night, because the sun is sleeping, the wind is blow over the court. Make us feel more energy and better mood compare playing at the morning.

Somemore , it is a good to relax myself after working hour.

This place which bring us a lots of funny story and unfortunately to many people ( because get injured of their leg, and of course many people eat '波饼' at there also) 哈哈

win 60-35 Ordinary vs Peace 3 game straight in the B4U basketball Tournament.

1st quater, 1st five members ( me, carson, ah jun, me and ah lam) already bet them with 25-4,
Lam did many free throw and get point under the basket.

Me who make a promise must get 10 point,cant archieve my dream.
I only get 2 point only + 3 foul...

Well, it is a big wining for us, the semi final is waiting us.

( Until now, havent take group photon, temprorary borrow 1st,pai sei)

Friday, 23 March 2007

B4U secondy match Ordinary vs NOW.. we win !

Yesterday we vs NOW team from cheras, we win at 60 vs 40. This is my first time playing the game under the rain. 1st quater, we do too many mistake at block enemy and make many fault ball ( 6-10),

2nd quater, we can better because i start enter the game, Just kidding. we finally success chase until 21-21, 3rd quater and last quater , we did play well , chang yee and ah tong mostly get many marks, beside that NOW team player did lots mistake also.

Finally we win at 60-40. Well done guys.
Nx game is on 29/03/07 930pm !!

Monday, 19 March 2007

Finally we win the match- Ordinary !!!!

"Finally we did it". Yesterday we have our first match for Basketball For Unity - The Sports Event of the Year

Ordinary vs First Generation ( 55-47), all of us have performance very well, althought some of us is not training together. I think i just play for the game for 15 minute( no choice, me is 2nd level player) . I only get 1 point of 2 free throw, and get lots rebound also, but forget how much already. Fei G, Shu kin and stephen, next time you guys will "drop your spec", buy me miss 2 ball !!!!

Thanks for other guys, like Ah mao, yin ching , chee hong zai, kah eng who give me so much of support. Dont worry, I still your善良的欧阳.( Soft's auyong)

I believe that we can improve in the next time. In defense i think all of us have done well, but in attack strategic, we lack of team work. Ah tan, if you see my blog, you need to do "something" lor. And the coach that you hire, like teach primary school student, i really cant stand for it. I rather choose back Jun Guan

GAMBATEH...ordinary !!!
930 pm kepong baru court

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Monorail Controller using handphone

This is cool, i think should send to "The Star".
The KL Monorail operation is semi-automatic with full fail-safe, train protection. ... The supplier of the trains for the KL Monorail system +++++

This semi-automatic not automatic.