Wednesday, 16 January 2008

湖滨鱼头米 Wong Pin Fish Head Noodles

Yea, i had been visit to 湖滨鱼头米 after Batu Caves Trip, if you ask me what to eat at kepong for lunch. I am totally no idea. Because most the nice food stalls are operate at night.

Since a lots of my friend recommend me to try 湖滨鱼头米 located at jalan Kepong baru. Before moon appear,the shop sell Fish head Noodles; after the sun sleep, the shop sell steamboat火窩。

So i decide bring those "White rats" together with me to try for it. Honestly i seldom order 鱼头米, i usually eat wan tan mee, hokkian cao, 广府炒 only. Why i dont order 鱼头米 ?Because i hate eating mee with fish bone.. very troublesome for me to spit out the fish bone.

Friendly services, humour staff. Asking we whether swear off drinking mlik, as you know 鱼头米 should mix with carnation milk.

Tomato, ginger,and the mee hoon is different. Not like the mee hoon that you brought in super market.

You can choose whether you want fried fish or fish ball(鱼滑)。 Or you can put alcohol (I note sure what it call, somekind of chinese alcohol).

My comments, yupe tasteful than outside stall. The bowl is big, 2 person share 1 bowl should not be a problem. I seldom eat Fish head noodles, cannot give any positive comment too. Let the audience who try the food before and give comment la :D

Rm6 perbowl fish head noodles.
Dont suprise if you order 北子草(Herbal Drink), because someone complaining the color is dark. Not look like herba drink. But it is really 北子草. Maybe over cook then it become dark :P


wk said...

I am not really sure, but could "北子草" be "北紫草"?

Siu KeOnG said...

:( you mean it been coloring?

wk said...

No. I mean I believe that the "北子草" shd be wrote as "北紫草" instead.

Siu KeOnG said...

oohh..hahahaha...thanks will make correctly..pai sei pai sei...